Ferrari chairman promises ‘this is no one-off’

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne says his team’s success in the Singapore Grand Prix proves they are on the way back to being a dominant force in Formula One.

“This was a major victory on a difficult circuit and I’d like to dedicate it to all our tifosi [fans] who have been so steadfast in their affection and support.”

“On behalf of everyone in Ferrari, I promise them this race is not just a one-off but a huge step forward on our road back to staying at the top and hearing the Italian national anthem played a lot more often.”

Sebastian Vettel drove like a real champion today,” Marchionne added, “and everyone on the team, both on the track and back home in Maranello, did an absolutely perfect job.”

“I’m also delighted for Kimi Raikkonen. It is wonderful to see him back on the podium too. It has been too long since two Ferrari drivers were in the first three across the line.”

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “Ferrari chairman promises ‘this is no one-off’”

    1. We don’t want domination Sergio, just about equal performance with Merc please! Let’s have some real racing.

      1. Being “on the way back to being a dominant force in Formula One” is not the same as dominating Formula 1. And he doesn’t say anything about domination from what I’m seeing. It’s the writer for this particular piece.

    2. It’s just one race, and Mercedes even admitted that they made a huge step backwards. Lewis in the end did not seem that bad when he was being interviewed and he was the stronger Mercedes in the race.. Who knows what could have happened if he did not retire… In Suzuka, Lewis and Nico will be back, and I am sure they will be battling very hard there…

      1. In all honesty, Lewis was very optimistic in his talks. Him on new softs was on pace with Vettel on SS which he used to qualify. And we did see Vettel suddenly lower the times by 2s when he wanted.

        Not saying this is the prevailing order from now one. But this race even Lewis wouldn’t have done anything to prevent a Ferrari win, with his Mercedes.

        Rosberg was constantly a second or more slower each lap towards the end.

    3. Its a shame that Ferrari have decided to waste their second 2016 seat on Raikkonen. I was a big fan in the past, but he’s a clear no. 2 now. I’d have loved to see how Grosjean, Bottas or even Vergne would have gone in the second Ferrari next year.

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! - @omarr-pepper (@)
        20th September 2015, 17:29

        I would really like to see if Max Verstappen keeps this awesome form next year. It would be interesting to see if he is caught by Ferrari. I know many wished it was the Hulk, but maybe his time is gone now, and nurturing Max at Ferrari would secure them to have a potential champion when Seb gets old and retires. Or he could take a place in Williams once “oldie” Massa wants to go as well.

        About Ferrari promise, which tracks coming could suit them best?

        1. He said No to a team order today, so I can’t see him in a Ferrari any time soon, unless it’s a road-going one…

        2. “when Seb gets old and retires”

          He is 28 years old!!!

          Some Ferrari fans are weird, already imagining about nurturing a talent to win them championships… You have the most successful driver on the grid in your team! What more do you want???? He probably didn’t even peak yet! OMFG.

          1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! - @omarr-pepper (@)
            20th September 2015, 21:39

            @gary (I think you are not a logged user but) I don’t mean I want Seb to retire in 2 years… but let’s see the facts:
            a. He had a kid just last year, and I think another one is coming. There is a previous case (Mika) when a driver retired “earlier than expected” to spend more time with the family. And it looks like Seb is more a family man than a party man.
            b. By the time Max is also 28, Seb will be “too old” for F1… you can say Schum ran until 40, but his performance was obviously declining.
            c. What could be wrong about having an old champion next to the next big promise? Max could learn a lot from that relationship, and given the necessary conditions (a good car, no mistakes in the pits) he could start his own page in F1 history. I don’t think a team could ever consider themselves “too good to try to improve”.
            And especially, with this new Arribavene’s philosophy to get things renewed and improved all the time, plus Kimi retiring (I guess) next year, I don’t see why Max would not fit as a potential candidate to fill the seat.

          2. They even have the 4th most successful driver on the grid as well.

      2. Well we saw what Kimi did with Grosjean in 2012 and 2013 ;)

    4. Good to see Marchionne is channelling old Luca and goes against what the team and drivers said about them not expecting this to be the new trend.

      1. Heh, My thoughts exactly.

        Though, to be fair, Ferrari’s IPO is coming soon, so this is simply chairman talk to raise the share price.

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