Magnussen penalised for clash with team mate

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen has been given a ten-second time penalty for colliding with his team mate on the final lap of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Magnussen was also given his first two penalty points on his licence for the collision with Jolyon Palmer.

The stewards took into account the fact Palmer was on older tyres than his team mate at the time of the contact four corners from the end of the race.

“Car 20 [Magnussen] was on a new set of soft tyres and car 30 [Palmer] was on an older set of hard tyres leading the driver of car 20 to have significantly better grip and speed,” the stewards noted.

“However, the stewards determined that car 20 could not have reasonably expected to make the corner of turn 13 without colliding with Car 30, which was subsequently forced off the track.”

“The stewards imposed the penalty referred to, which was converted to a time penalty after the race as the cars were on the last lap.”

The penalty drops Magnussen from 14th to 15th in the final classification, promoting Felipe Nasr.

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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    14 comments on “Magnussen penalised for clash with team mate”

    1. Quite an interesting decision on this one considering another guy ran his team mate off track in the same race and was let off the hook.

      1. Apples and oranges mate, apples and oranges …

        1. Apples aren’t silver….

          1. Neither are oranges?

      2. It’s hardly ‘running a car off the track’ when the attacking car is sliding backwards, out of control.

    2. You just have to laugh, if you didn’t you’d cry.

      Mr Donnelly, you are a joke.

    3. Good riddance. Mag has to soften up a little.

    4. Was the incident shown? Can’t remember seeing it.

      1. No, it wasn’t shown on TV (not even a replay of it).

    5. Is there video of this? I haven’t seen it.

    6. I haven’t seen the video. Do you have the video to show us what happened at that time?

    7. Just some ordinary tight racing as the faster Magnussen on new softs caught Palmer on old hard. The two cars touched very lightly, Palmer went wide, off the track with wheelset, while both cars continued unharmed racing down the track afterwards. Magnussen had passed Palmer and that position is what was given back with his added time penalty after the race. BUT. At the same time he was given a 2 points penalty on top. Magnussen was on fresh softer tires and had asked team/Palmer to let him through to catch runners further ahead. But when getting to Palmer the team let Palmer defend on Magnussen to pass. Magnussen was approx. 3.4 seconds quicker per lap at that time than Palmer, from lap 56 to lap 62. Magnussen was btw also 1.1 sec faster per lap than the race winner those last 10 laps. No excuse, but he was probably getting frustrated to stay behind Palmer…

    8. Reading this article after the race was the first I was aware of any clash between Magnussen and Palmer let alone that a penalty was due, was it shown on TV?

      I understand that with Verstappen winning it dominated the post race coverage, and with the first lap crash between the Mercedes drivers there was also a big second story also, but it isn’t great if something like this isn’t covered.

      1. This incidence was not shown on the normal F1 tv feed. That it has been totally ignored by ‘mainstream’ is most probably due to it happened between some of the back-markers. Both cars outside the points, so doesn’t really matter much one way or the other. And both cars continued driving to the end. So no ‘drama’ either. Therefore probably judged by most news agencies to be not worth reporting about.

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