2016 Monaco Grand Prix Predictions Championship results

F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

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More than a quarter of you correctly predicted Daniel Ricciardo would take pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix – but almost twice as many tipped Lewis Hamilton to claim the top spot.

And with almost half of you picking Hamilton to win the race, many players scored well in the latest round of the Predictions Championship.

Two players shared the top score of 29 points for this round, and @Solidg’s excellent pole position time prediction earned them the top prize. The runner-up prize went to @PlayerPeet. In the overall points standings @Bokdawg edged back into a four-point lead.

There are chances to win every race weekend and at the end of the season for the top scorers. The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is free to enter. You will need an F1 Fanatic account to place so sign up here if you haven’t got one.

Enter your predictions for each race using the form below, and scroll down for more information on the prizes and the rules.

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2 comments on “2016 Monaco Grand Prix Predictions Championship results”

  1. Wow, I suck at this! Out of the ~730 who play on a regular basis I’m only tied for 443rd. :(

    Oh well, that’s because it feels disloyal not to put my favorite drivers at the top. If I was playing for money rather than what I WANT to happen… I’d be guessing quite differently. LOL

  2. I got 5 points again, this is nothing.

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