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2016 European Grand Prix

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Warm weather conditions will help Haas get on top of their problems with tyre management, according to Romain Grosjean.

After scoring point in three of the first four races of the year the team has failed to finish in the top ten over the last four races as it has struggled with tyre management.

Asked if the team would benefit from more warm races Grosjean said: “I think that’s the case. I’m hoping that we get a good summer and that we don’t have to focus too much on colder weather and trying to get the tyres to work.”

Grosjean qualified 11th at the last race in Baku – the team’s second-highest starting position of the year so far – but slipped back in the race as he wasn’t able to make a one-stop strategy work.

“It was a shame about the race in Baku that we had to have the extra pit stop,” said Grosjean. “I think we could have scored points. We were looking pretty good up until that point.”

“Some of the races we’re now going to should be better for us. We still need to work on getting the best out of the tyres when it’s cold. We have some graining issues as well, but we’re still a brand new team and we haven’t had many options to try different things.”

“We’re going in a good direction even though we haven’t scored points in a while. I still think everything is going the way it should and when it eventually all comes together, it’s going to be great.”

2016 European Grand Prix

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    1. A noob question perhaps …

      I do understand that the driving styles of drivers may vary, some being kinder to the tyres. How is tyre management such a big defining issue for specific teams and not the others ??

      1. Not an expert, but from my knowledge it mostly has to do with how the suspension and mechanical grip of each car operates in corners – how stable the car can be and how flat the tyre can stay throughout the corner. These days, with all the torque these cars produce, traction on exits is paramount to tyre life. More surface area of the tyre touching the track -> more grip. That said, it seems Haas don’t have the best suspension design (or setup work) on the grid; not surprising, given that it’s their first year on the track. Hope I helped, and others may feel free to correct me or expand upon anything I said. Again, not an expert by any means.

    2. The funny thing about F1 seasons is that the coldest races are usually in the summer…

      1. jere.jyrala@gmail.com
        28th June 2016, 11:51

        Yeah, perhaps they should move the European races and the Canadian GP away from the months of June, July, and August, (sarcasm, just kidding).

    3. you need experience not to depend on the weather (warmer tracks);
      thinkers & $ needed.
      Well to you

    4. I think this race will be very boring as well.

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