Hamilton using Senna helmet design for Brazil

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton will use a special helmet in tribute to his racing hero at this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver will make use of the FIA’s dispensation for drivers to use something other than their regular helmet design once per season. Hamilton will wear a yellow helmet which is closer in style to that worn by Ayrton Senna than his usual one.

Hamilton said the design is “inspired by my idol, Ayrton Senna, and Brazil.”

“I love it here,” he added, “such a special place to race”.

Hamilton goes into this weekend’s race needing to score a victory in Brazil for the first time in order to sustain his championship challenge against team mate Nico Rosberg.

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “Hamilton using Senna helmet design for Brazil”

    1. “The Mercedes driver will make use of the FIA’s dispensation for drivers to use something other than their regular helmet design once per season.”

      Really? Only once per season? Should be a few more than that. I get that they don’t want anyone showing up with a different helmet every race, but still.

    2. He should revert back to yellow full time.

      1. Spafrancorchamps
        10th November 2016, 15:35

        He can’t. Rosberg and Hamilton were given the choice: one were to drop the yellow helmet design, and the other could stick with the colour. Or both had to choose a different helmet colour. That has lead to LH racing in white and NR in black. If LH were to reverse to his yellow helmet, Nico would not be happy I’d imagine.

        1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          10th November 2016, 19:24

          I theorised this was the reason after the year of two yellow helmets!

    3. Michael Brown (@)
      10th November 2016, 15:58

      Oh dear, without the consistent helmet designs to coddle my weak mind, I won’t be able to tell which driver is which.

      1. I know what you mean!! It would be soooo much easier if they maybe painted one drivers camera a different colour, or maybe let each driver have their own number and put that on the car!!!!

        1. How about different color gloves?

          That could be a start!

        2. Whoa! Wait a minute…I think Richard is on to something here.

      2. Well said. One of the reasons that makes me happy I’m quitting F1. The ridiculous rules and dumbing down to the lowest denominator. Rules designed to suck all the fun out of the sport.
        The old boys club of job preservation has killed F1.

    4. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      10th November 2016, 16:57

      Most car schemes are fairly corporate and bland these days, so I’ve always enjoyed the drivers expressing themselves through different helmet artwork. I also think banning it underestimates the fan’s intelligence. In a world of social media and other outlets, we all know when a driver changes helmet and those that don’t probably wouldn’t recognise the driver’s standard helmet trackside anyway.

    5. Why can’t the drivers nowadays just race, and race properly? It’s about “my hair, my glasses, my style, my special helmet”……. :( Really sad.

      1. Ya it’s so sad…..not

      2. MONEY – marketing – merchandise…

        He won’t be a F1 racedriver when he is 36 – so better earn his money now…

    6. old school superstition?

    7. I’d love to see that speckled look on a car one day, adds some real interesting depth. I wonder how heavy it would be…

    8. Awesome design paying homage to the great man. I like it!

    9. Amazing. This rule on 1 a season is seriously just ridiculous

    10. HAM do have a nose for marketing…clever boy…but suppose there is a couples of fans who need a new hero after MAS…I have done the same -there is a market..and think his feelings for SEN is real…

      1. Lewis has ben a fan of Senna his entire racing life. He wore the ‘Senna design’ long before he was in F1.

    11. Lewisham Milton
      11th November 2016, 11:29

      Will Rosberg be wearing a Prost helmet?

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        11th November 2016, 12:44


    12. I like the guy, but his helmet designs are always a total mess.
      Really, no real scheme..

    13. If they drive with the halo having high security – then maybe they can drive without helmeth :-) on the other hand I don’t know if I can tell the drivers from each other..

    14. One of the best helmet designs but have nothing to do his racing.

    15. If it’s respect for the great Ayrton Senna – OK. However, if it’s an attempt at drawing a comparison – ahhhhhhhh no I don’t think so.

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