We had to try something different – Verstappen

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen says Red Bull had to try a different strategy for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to give them a chance to fight Mercedes.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying in pictures
Verstappen and team mate Daniel Ricciardo will start tomorrow’s season finale on super-soft tyres. The other drivers in the top ten including the Mercedes pair on the front row will use the ultra-soft compound.

However Verstappen believes their rivals will have to pit early on their softer rubber. “The ultra-soft is quite weak in the long runs,” he told reporters at Yas Marina.

“I did a long run in the morning which, with the temperatures way higher, the super soft was quite good. We’ll see tomorrow. We just tried something different. If you do the same tyres, for sure you’re just following and that’s not what you want.”

Verstappen said he was unhappy with his qualifying performance. He qualified sixth having been fourth in Q2. “I have to go forward,” he said.

“The pace was there all weekend [but we] are starting actually last of the top three teams. Definitely not happy but for sure it will be an interesting race tomorrow.”

Ricciardo will start the race from third on the grid with the two Ferraris separating the Red Bull pair.

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    10 comments on “We had to try something different – Verstappen”

    1. Somehow I managed to miss this (Red Bull drivers using Supersoft in Q2) during qualifying, LOL.

    2. Verstappen commented he made a mistake in hus first run in q3, and went wide in the second run.

      Hope the Red Bulls can make the soft tires work tomorrow!

    3. It’s a pity the FOM director had more eyes on the Mother of Ham then the remaining drivers on track.

      But a very proud mother of course and rightly so.

      1. Maybe they’ll do it again tomorrow on the final lap with the championship on the line. Wouldn’t put it past ’em.

      2. Arnoud van Houwelingen
        26th November 2016, 22:54

        And the mother of Button …

    4. Antoon van Gemert
      26th November 2016, 18:37

      Great to see that Red Bull is taking another kind of strategy, which probable means they be one an two in the race at the point when the others (with the ultra-soft tyres) have to pit earlier. At that time they have to take the advantage, so let’s see what it brings them. A shame that Max Verstappen made two mistakes, both at turn 11, in Q3 so he has to start from P6. He was quit angry with himself and said to the Dutch-tv: “Ik kon me wel zelf voor m’n kop slaan!” (Which means: “I could have punched myself in the face!”). So expect an attacking Max Verstappen tomorrow, wich could be very exciting with the two Ferrari’s around! P4 in the championship is still for the grabs!

      1. The good thing is that he’ll be bouncing off Ferraris and not Mercedes in the first corner.

        1. Vettel bounced of a lot more cars in the first corner than Verstappen…

          1. Antoon van Gemert
            27th November 2016, 8:29

            Right! But I really can remember a race were Max bounced a car out of the race at the first corner? Sure, he made some contact here and there, but till now never drove another driver out of the race! Even Grosjean could continue in the GP of Monaco 2015! So Max has probable one of the cleanest sheets of all the drivers!

    5. Hope there is a contest between the mercs and the bulls..make this dull race interesting

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