Rosberg’s rivals (and relatives) on his championship win

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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From his team mate to his father and many more besides, here’s what current and Formula F1 drivers and personalities had to say about Nico Rosberg’s championship success.

Hamilton gave credit to his team mate
I did everything that I could, particularly towards the end and obviously Nico had a very, very clean year without any real issues to be honest and that’s why we sit in this position right now.

But he did a fantastic job, so big congratulations to him, it’s a great feeling to win the world championship and I look forward to fighting with him next year
Lewis Hamilton

Hats off to Nico. It must be an amazing feeling to be world champion. They both pushed each other until the end and it’s nice to see the title go down to the line like that.
Daniel Ricciardo

I’m very happy for Nico. He’s had a fantastic season and he deserved to be champion. He always believed in his possibilities and he managed his advantage perfectly.

Both he and Lewis did a great job but it was time for Nico to win this year, as Lewis has three titles already.
Fernando Alonso

He really deserves the championship. He did a fantastic championship.

It’s a nice story that his father was a champion so he’s a champion now. It’s very nice for the sport, for him. Definitely congratulations to him.
Felipe Massa

Titles aren’t won by luck – Vettel
You don’t win the championship by luck. Nico won the championship today. He’s a deserved champion.

You collect a lot of points throughout the season, sometimes you might have fortunate situations, unfortunate situations with your car but I think there’s been other situations in the past with other drivers, that’s the way it goes. Sometimes you have better years in this regard, sometimes worse years.

But I think today is Nico’s day and it’s a sign of respect and greatness to give him that. I think we owe it to him, he’s a deserved champion.
Sebastian Vettel

Congrats Nico Rosberg on winning the 2016 F1 world championship, well deserved!
Mark Blundell

Rosberg “a very worthy champion” – Horner
What an end to the season F1 with Lewis Hamilton doing all he could to spoil Nico Rosberg’s day. Nico also did what he needed to do.

Don’t forget the seasons when Nico car failed more than Lewis, it is just racing.
David Brabham

Nico Rosberg you had some pressure from behind more than deserved champion! Enjoy that party.
Timo Glock

Congratulations to Nico Rosberg on becoming a very worthy world champion.
Christian Horner

Nico deserves this championship many congratulations, brilliant. Keke my friend, so proud for you and all the family.
Nigel Mansell

Congratulations to Nico Rosberg. Deserves the world championship after the best season of his career and under great pressure.
Karun Chandhok

Hamilton was lucky too, Rosberg’s dad reckons
Huge congratulations to Nico Rosberg. Motor racing never a level playing field. In 2016 he got most points so is worthy champion.
Tiff Needell

I thought Lewis was lucky twice so why shouldn’t he be once? If you want to win the championship in F1 you can’t have a lot of bad luck.
Keke Rosberg

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “Rosberg’s rivals (and relatives) on his championship win”

    1. OK, as first post I’m going to declare a mea culpa here, do what I didn’t do yesterday and congratulate Nico Rosberg for a deserved championship, specifically – as someone else pointed out – for the work he’s put in at Mercedes over the years, the competitiveness shown against Schumacher, and the way he’s pushed Hamilton every year until finally getting his own run of luck, or absence of bad luck, as it were, and won the championship with a technically superb season. He indeed deserves that recognition.

      1. Well said @David BR. This was a very hard fought championship and Nico fully deserves it since he made so few mistakes this year compared to Lewis. It’s not just the mechanical failure at Malaysia that have Nico the title. Nico was mostly flawless this year.

      2. yeah, a bit of luck (Merc against Lewis Hamilton). We saw it coming since the beginning of the year. Shame on Merc.

        1. I don’t understand how you can say ‘shame on merc’.
          This team is an unstoppable beast that delivers championships to it’s driver’s year after year with the most dominant car in F1 history.
          It’s a foregone conclusion as to which driver’s have a chance at the WDC.
          So yeah big shame.

    2. Looking back over this season I cannot recall a single moment this season [starts not included], where Nico Rosberg cleanly and decisively attacked Lewis Hamilton during a race and won track position, the lead, or a win from him as a result.

      Champion by stealth over speed.

      1. Agree. It was not a fear Championship. Merc did some “tricks” with Hamilton.

      2. Looking back over this season I cannot recall a single moment this season [starts not included], where Lewis Hamilton cleanly and decisively attacked Nico Rosberg during a race and won track position, the lead, or a win from him as a result.

      3. At least it’s not like 1982 (Champion by retiring less than turbo cars, not getting injured, and staying alive until the final round)

      4. Perhaps that would have been Spain if the crash didn’t happen. The move around the outside was impressive.

        1. Miss Construed
          29th November 2016, 14:17

          More likely to be successful if he was driving a Victa.

    3. I highly disagree with Keke’s statement. Yes, Lewis was lucky in 2008. But has he forgotten 2012, 2014 and this year?

      I mean…
      2012- I recall the races where Lewis had pit and technical problems: Valencia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Brazil, SPA(questionable). Probably 100 points lost at max. 75 minimum (3x retired from lead)
      2014- Lewis retired in Australia and SPA. Nico retired in Britain and Singapore… We could even throw Lewis’ qualifying issues… What difference did it make when he retired in Abu Dhabi in the double points showdown? He already lost the lead at the start and was 3 seconds behind Lewis already…
      2015- As if it mattered, this was clearly Lewis’ season. Russia and Italy (team’s fault) were the retirements. But as if it had made a difference.
      2016- We all know.

      The real thing is.. Lewis is 1x lucky and 2x unlucky. I don’t see how Lewis is lucky 2x…. Of course, everyone will forget the things that happened this season..

      1. Yeah, Merc did some Magic this year, if you know what I am talking about. Too many “unlucky” situation for Lewis this year. Only that way Rosberg could beat him..

      2. @krichelle
        Whilst i agree, the rest of Keke’s statement is spot on and not at all like the drivel from Jaki Stew.
        you can’t have a lot of bad luck if you want to be WDC, Nico ensured he had less bad luck this year & Lewis collected all 4 teams engines bad luck.

    4. I wonder what all of the LHAM fans will say when Nico wins the championship next year?

      1. Ray Norris, if Nico wins it next year by battling and beating Lewis in wheel to wheel action then I will applaud him. But The guy cannot and will not be able to do this. If reliability is equal for both cars then Lewis will claim the title back. Obviously this also depends on the competitiveness of the other top teams. Nico is fast no doubt but not an out and out racer like Lewis or Alonso.

        1. I’m not sure it’s that obvious. Over the years Nico has outqualified Lewis on numerous occasions where there has been no mech issues. I think they are both fast drivers flattered by the merc’s ability. It’s also not clear whether next year’s car will favour a particular style. If we assume Lewis is the more aggressive, then perhaps the move away from power dominated to grip dominated will help Nico. Should be interesting. Of course there is also the small chance that another team will spoil their party as well!

    5. Leave it to Nico’s old man to say his closest rival was lucky the previous 2 years. Biased much? We all know if it wasn’t for Malaysia, Hamilton would be champion right now regardless of his bad starts. Congrats to Nico for making the best of the season, when the opportunity was there he was always ready to pounce! I’m pretty sure if he was Vettle’s team mate at Red Bull instead of Webber he would have gotten at least one championship there as well. He won’t be a legend but he deserves a highly recommended.

      1. No we don’t all know.
        Replace Malaysia with either Baku, Australia, Bahrain, China, Singapore or Italy. A better result at any of those tracks and Hamilton is champion

    6. I’m not either of their fan. Nico grabbed as much opportunities as he can to take points, get the most out of his advantage and dealt better with problems than Ham did this season. Also Ham’s several bad starts also let him lost a lot of points. But no one will win or lose the championship simply by luck. Wasn’t it too naive to think Hamilton loose the title only because of the 25 points in Malaysia? Considering there are 21 races throughout the year and 525 points for each driver to take. Personally I think Lewis’ strategy do make sense, its the only way to win back the championship. But at the same time, this is really not a glorious/decent way and need no over-beautify for it.

      I can’t believe there is someone still saying: ‘Nico, if you are not happy with it, go overtake him! But you didn’t, which proves you a second class driver’. The reason why Nico did not attack Lewis is he only needs to get on the podium to win the title. Why take that risk? Don’t know why someone could so much understand Ham slowing car but can not understand the simple thing. When Max hampered his hopes for the title, he overtook him adventurous but no hesitation. I would like to call it the World Champion Overtake. Ham did everything he could to steal the title, but meantime Nico handled the pressure eventually.

      Honestly, after everything settled down and watching the awkward atmosphere in the lunge and on the podium. I really wanted Ham to be another team’s driver at that moment, a non-championship contender. So these two childhood friends can embrace together excited to celebrate, like what they did in 2008 Australian GP.

      Last but not least, I wanna say: no matter whose fan you are, we express our joy and sadness represent we love this sport. But please do not try to get the sense of superiority by belittle or insult other people. This will only make you cheap. Regardless of drivers or fans, respect for others is the most basic etiquette.

    7. If Red Bull and Ferrari are close next year then Merc will have to back one driver or possibly lose both championships. I know who I’d back in that circumstances (someone who can drive in the rain).

    8. Great quote from Alonso there is a driver who needs to win a third WDC!

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