Grosjean: ‘Brutal’ cars hitting 8G in turns

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In the round-up: Romain Grosjean claims drivers are being subjected to cornering forces of almost 8G in high-speed corners this year.

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Comment of the day

With Antonio Giovinazzi making a surprise grand prix debut today, the Italian has a fan in @mattypf1.

The thing I love about Giovinazzi is that I’m at Melbourne for the Grand Prix this weekend and the Melbourne Walk is where all the drivers and team bosses come down and sign autographs for all the fans overly keen to see their heroes. The event started at 10:30 and I got there 2 minutes late and inevitably paid the prices as there were so many people lining up waiting. But one thing I noticed is that there was only one person who was signing autographs for the fans as soon as the event started and that was Giovinazzi. He looked overwhelmed by all of the support and he looked he was having an amazing time gathered with the fans and since I’m a huge fan of his, being able to see him there was great for me. But after he moved down, no driver or team boss showed up until 11, so roughly 30 minutes after Giovinazzi was there. Now that is a personality.

And for his ability, it really does speak for itself. You have Palmer, Stroll, Magnussen and even Vandoorne (just a little bit here) struggling to get the most out of the car and how to take this beast properly but Giovinazzi had 3 hours of practice less than rest and his best time was fractionally slower than Ericsson’s and he almost made it to Q2 which is an amazing achievement for a last minute call up.

I seriously hope he does well in the race tomorrow because doing F2 again this year will just be bullying to the others because he proved himself worthy after his first year last year so I hope his race result tomorrow will lead to a drive as a replacement driver for either Wehrlein or Ericsson.

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Happy birthday to Alianora La Canta, Fallon, Henrique Pinheiro, Jake, Jorge H. and Lyndell D Wolff !

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On this day in F1

On this day 20 years ago Lola finally abandoned its stuttering 1997 F1 programme due to a lack of funds. The team’s cars had failed to qualify for their first and only appearance in Australia 18 days earlier.

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19 comments on “Grosjean: ‘Brutal’ cars hitting 8G in turns”

  1. 8G? That is madness mate!

  2. Agree with COTD, I’m really happy for Antonio. For me, he was the revelation of 2016. After his fairly unspectacular stint in F3, I was expecting another driver who would spend an eternity in GP2 and only start winning things after four or five years by virtue of being a vastly experienced driver in a field of youngsters (Jolyon Palmer…?). But I’m glad to have been proven wrong, he’s made a fan out of me. Best of luck to him today, hopefully it’s the start of something big!

    1. Agreed. He did a fan forum this morning with other drivers. When it finished all ogres went back to the paddock but he came over to the Walk again and signed more autographs and chatted with fans. I have to say I’m a fan of his now. Hope he does well today

      1. *others – autocorrect overstated that one dramatically

      2. That is wonderful. I hope Antonio keeps this sense of generosity over what I am beginning to feel will be a long and at least reasonably successful career in F1.

  3. Nigel Grosjean speaking!

    1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      26th March 2017, 3:09

      Haha, was it something like 14G old Nige claimed he was pulling through Maggots and Becketts.

  4. 8G’s? Even fighter pilots have trouble withstanding that kind of force for even a 1-second period. So that is a deeply exaggerated claim.

    1. Cars do have sensors that measure this, same way the measure the force from a crash…

  5. What a great COTD. Looking forward to hearing more from you over the next few days @mattypf1

  6. How Honda’s talks with other teams have gone:
    Honda: Want to use our engine next year?
    Team 1: No.
    Team 2: No.

    1. I doubt it would be that way. I am sure if Honda price their engines right, Sauber and may be, Toro Rosso would take a punt with them.

    2. Team 3 (AKA Manor): Yes, if we get a Cash & PU deal like McLaren?

  7. Just on COTD, I think you need to take into account that Giovinazzi’s diary is pretty empty compared to all the other guys who have a pretty action packed weekend filled with special guest appearances etc…

    1. Presumably one of those commitments that they all share is the autograph signing event starting at 10:30. Hats off to Giovanazzi.

  8. How much more muscles can you get in 2 week?

      1. which feels like 16lb in the fast corners ;)

  9. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, Keith :) There’s no birthday like a race day birthday; especially when watching with my parents on Mother’s Day.

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