Red Bull can win ‘if four cars shunt’ – Verstappen

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen says he will need more than just the two Mercedes cars to retire this weekend in order to repeat his 2016 Spanish Grand Prix victory.

Verstappen scored his breakthrough victory at this race 12 months ago after the Mercedes pair collided at the start. But despite Red Bull’s latest upgrade he believes a win will only be possible “if we have four cars shunting”.

Spanish Grand Prix practice in pictures
“It was positive,” Verstappen said of his first run in the upgraded RB13. “We’re closer to Ferrari. Mercedes, it looks like they’re brought a very good upgrade package as well. I think we’re still third team but it’s alright.”

“I think we’re a little bit happier but we still need to work hard to get more pace in the car and also the engine.”

His team mate Daniel Ricciardo said the upgrade had delivered exactly what the team had expected.

“There was times when it felt pretty good, times when we’re still finding our way with it. I think the medium [tyre], the start of P2, was a struggle. But we found a bit more with the softs. We’re getting there, we’re feeling a bit of progress, we need to keep fine-tuning it.”

“It’s for now as expected. We’ve made some progress but we knew it wasn’t going to put us up with Mercedes or anything. We can still perfect what we’ve got, get a few more tenths out of it. Obviously we want more but we’re in line with what we predicted.”

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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    10 comments on “Red Bull can win ‘if four cars shunt’ – Verstappen”

    1. In theory, even Alonso can win.
      If 19 cars break down and the McLaren doesn’t, he could win again. As I said, in theory.

      But serious, shame that the upgrade for the Red Bulls is not enough to be really competitive.

      1. We may not have seen all the upgrades yet.
        The gap seems a lot closer too – but what to think of Renault? Hülkenberg within a second of fastest time in FP2, Palmer just above?
        Seems like Renault is already faster now than Red Bull was last race.

        1. I’m afraid Mercedes was sandbagging in FP2 after being a second clear of everyone in FP1.

        2. The major Renault engine upgrade is not due till Baku it seems, with Renault cautious on reliability that should deliver a good chunk of the deficit as well. Hopefully we have a very spicy 2nd half of the season!

      2. If 19 cars break down and the McLaren doesn’t

        In other news, pigs will fly.

    2. Tommy Scragend
      12th May 2017, 16:16

      “Ee can still perfect what we’ve got”

      Danny Ric gone all Northern on us? ;-)

    3. My favourite ‘upgrade’ is that Red Bull have finally painted the damn bull’s tail on to the shark fin!
      That’s been bugging me all year.
      Yes; you can call me a pedant!

    4. If Alonso said this he’d be accused of whining. Sad state of affairs though that we have at least a handful of drivers who would also be way ahead in the Merc. Let them keep ‘whining’ !

    5. Mclaren can’t win if 18 cars shunt.

      Kills me to say that.

      1. True. You have to finish the race… which is the most basic element of racing.. and something McLaren are still struggling with. Then they should look at how not to finish last… then points.. then podiums… then wins… then championships. I wonder if I’ll see McLaren accomplish it in my lifetime.

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