“Get a spare suit!” Mexican GP practice radio highlights

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel had an unusual problem in second practice when a fire extinguisher failed in his Ferrari.

Here’s the best of the team radio messages from practice.

First practice

To Giovinazzi: “Temps and pressures are building, you’re doing a good job. Three more timed.”

To Bottas: “Tyre temperatures are reading correctly.”

Hartley: “Throttle map’s still very poor.”
“We see the problem. We will fix it for the next run.”

Mexican Grand Prix practice in pictures
Magnussen: “Have I got a puncture?”
“No looks OK. Pressure at five. Slow down and box. We are losing water so this is your feeling.”

Hartley: “Engine stopped. Engine killed turbine temperature.”
“OK go into P1 and stay there.”
Hartley: “Copy P1.”
“You can try to start the car with the K. Go to P2 and start the car with the K. Stand by Brendon.”
Hartley: “Engine started. Can I continue?”
“Yes you can go.”

Leclerc: “It’s a huge mess on track. They’re all slowing down in the last sector.”
“Yeah there’s a lot of traffic there.”

Gelael: “Is there something wrong with the reacharge?”
“Recharge is on. Never mind, recharge off”

To Gelael: “You had a little bit too much front lock, then when the front lock recovered it caused the spun. So careful there.”

Sainz: “A lot of traffic at the moment.”
“Just try and find some space.”

Alfonso Celis crashed Esteban Ocon’s car late in first practice.

“Cool surface in the last sector. Run switch ‘race’.”
Celis: “I crashed.”
Celis: “I think there’s a lot of damage.”
“Copy that. Are you OK?”
Celis: “Yeah it was a slow crash. But there seems to be a lot of damage.”

Raikkonen: “I will do one extra lap.”
“OK understood. Just go charge, bring the battery up. Eight seconds to Ricciardo.”

To Vettel: “Watch the white line. Diff in, diff mid minus one test. And FW one available. FW test. Constant speed, 200kph.”

Stroll: “What the hell is this guy doing? He just literally come out of the pit lane.”
“Yeah we saw that.”
Stroll: “And just does the line.”

To Alonso: “Fernando your pace looks very strong.”

Stroll: “The tyres are really finito.”
“OK we want to stay out.”

Second practice

Romain Grosjean’s running ended early after a spin and tyre failure.

To Vandoorne: “Front brakes are new, good warm-up on brakes.”

Ocon: “The car is pulling left to right in the straight.”
“OK copy that. We’ll just see how it goes when it warms up.”

Grosjean: “OK I’ve got a puncture in the rear-left.”
“I think some debris came off. The pressure is still there.”
Grosjean: “Yeah [censored by FOM]. [Censored by FOM] yeah I’ve got a puncture in the rear-left. Something is not quite right.”
“Yeah something is very wrong.”

Ocon: “Yeah it’s pulling left the car in the straight.”
“Both straights?”
Ocon: “Both.”
“Can you run it as it is?”
Ocon: “Yep”

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Vandoorne: “Is everything OK? Something feels a bit… car is going sideways.”
“OK Stoffel suggest to pull over in the slow lane.”
Vandoorne: “What should I do?”
“Engine off.”
Vandoorne: “Engine is off.”

To Bottas: “Yellow. Lewis has spun exit turn 11.”

To Hamilton: “Just keep the speed down coming in to avoid any damage.”

Vettel was alarmed at first about an unfamiliar sensation in the lower part of his race suit.

Vettel: “Under my seat it’s getting quite cold. I don’t know why. Check moving under braking for turn one. OK something burst. Agh. There’s some acid or something. My seat. Slow in.”
Vettel: “I think it might be the extinguisher I’m not sure.”
Vettel: “Slow in.”
“Slow in OK.”
Vettel: “Get a spare suit.”

Sainz: “Yeah I’ve just got no grip guys.”

Wehrlein: “I’m struggling with the rear now.”

Hamilton: “Had some strange drop-outs in power.”
“OK copy.”

To Hamilton: “Remember on slow laps we need full throttle or low throttle. Somewhere in the middle puts exhaust temps up, causes drop-outs.”

Stroll: “Tyres not good. I have no rear. Nothing.”

“If you feel like we’ve got the best out of the tyres, box.”
Ricciardo: “Yeah I’ve not put it all together yet.”

Verstappen: “The engine is doing weird things on pick-up.”

Esteban we want to check the anti-stall so when you pull into the box do not engage clutch. Stay in first gear.”
Ocon: “Copy”

Hartley: “I made a mistake. Should I box?”
“Box, box.”

Ricciardo: “With the power unit, is that why I didn’t have the power at the start?”
“Yeah just engine temperature.”
Ricciardo: “OK.”

To Vettel: “Tailwind at turn four.”

Max Verstappen’s session ended with a power unit failure, though it was on an old engine.

“Fail 1 fail then fail 4 fail.”
Verstappen: “Yeah it’s definitely wrong.”
“OK mode 1 please Max and box,.”
Verstappen: “OK.”

“Box Brendon.”
Hartley: “Copy, sorry about that.”
“Look after the car on the pit entry if we have dirty tyres.”

Hartley: “Feel something strange at the end of the straight line.”

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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    1. Oh, Grosjean :) He’s not moaning.

    2. I’m curious. When does a piece of information become a moan? Is it the way it is said or what is said? You could say that every driver ‘moans’ every time he radios the pit.
      Like: Driver: “My rear tyres have worn out” Pit: Stop moaning, shut up!” That would be quite amusing. Poor Grosjean is now doomed to”moan” every time he speaks. I hope he sees the funny side of it.

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