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Magnussen texted second apology to Gasly after Baku

2018 Spanish Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly reveals Kevin Magnussen sent him a second apology for their high-speed collision during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Toro Rosso driver, who initially branded Magnussen “the most dangerous guy I’ve ever raced against” after the race, said the pair have now settled their differences,

He sent me a text after the weekend just to apologise once again,” said Gasly ahead of this weekend’s race. “I was frustrated after the race and didn’t really listen to him so he sent me a message.

“We’re all clear now. We just need to make sure we don’t face a similar situation again because in the end it wasn’t good for both of us. It probably damaged even more his car, it damaged my car, so we missed an opportunity to get points which was my main frustration because there was potentially one or two points possible for us.”

Magnussen received a 10-second time penalty for the incident. After the race Williams requested a review of the penalty, which the stewards rejected. Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said he was never concerned Magnussen might be given a tougher penalty.

“I [found out about] it in the evening,” said Steiner. “I slept very well because we got our penalty, they cannot give you more penalty because somebody else wants less penalty.

“I didn’t know from the Williams side why they did it, they must have had their reasons and I respect that. They tried to do something. I think their aim was to reduce [Sergey] Sirotkin’s penalty and not to get ours higher. I was interested, obviously, because it’s my job, but I was not paranoid or afraid or anything.”

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  1. The first “apology” probably included the word ‘balls’.

    1. Maybe 2nd one as well.

  2. Finally settling your feud.

    1. And few hours later awful move on Leclerc. He deserves a race ban.

      1. This is why I think he will leave F1 some time.

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