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Hamilton’s qualifying breakdown was “a shame”, says Vettel

2018 German Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel says he was disappointed to see Lewis Hamilton drop out of qualifying with a technical problem.

“Obviously we saw but I don’t know what exactly happened,” said Vettel. “I think it doesn’t really matter, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Obviously you look after yourself.

“I think for me it was a good session. We prepared the car well and everything went smoothly. Obviously you always try to push the limits.

“I don’t wish anything bad or something like a technical issue which he had to happen to anyone. It was a shame to see him go out and I mean it but you look after yourself and we try to do the race tomorrow which is the most important part of the weekend.”

Vettel will start Sunday’s German Grand Prix from pole position, 13 places ahead of his championship rival. He is eight points ahead of Hamilton but Vettel said he isn’t getting preoccupied with the title fight.

“I try to get the maximum points every weekend, every stage of the year,” he said. “Later in the year you find out whether you are in position or not.

“If we can score points and if we have a quick car, a car to fight for wins, I believe that puts us in a very good position and you add up your points towards the end and you see where you are. I don’t think right now is the time to stress about the championship.”

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5 comments on “Hamilton’s qualifying breakdown was “a shame”, says Vettel”

  1. pastaman (@)
    21st July 2018, 18:55


  2. Neil (@neilosjames)
    21st July 2018, 22:59

    Some may say otherwise but I believe he’s sincere. Top drivers don’t like easy wins or cheap championship gains… that’s why they’re top drivers.

  3. It is a shame. They’re both outstanding qualifiers and watching the head to head is awesome. I’d like to have seen what kind of lap Lewis would have pulled out today, especially given the 2/10ths gap Seb pulled on Bottas.

    1. A dreadful one, he made large mistakes in almost every lap so no reason to suggest he would have done better then Bottas today.

  4. Well, he is very diplomatic about the cause that Lewis failed. Just leave that in the middle ….

    But I guess he had a big smile inside his helmet when he saw Lewis stranded and desperately pushing his car and then have a sort of nervous breakdown.. I think there was a silent “tatatatatata” !

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