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Grosjean excluded from sixth place as stewards uphold Renault protest

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean has been stripped of his sixth place finish in the Italian Grand Prix after Renault’s protest against his car was upheld.

Renault protested Grosjean’s Haas and an investigation by the stewards found that the car’s floor was not in compliance with technical regulations.

The stewards have now confirmed that Grosjean’s Haas has been formally excluded from final classification, promoting all drivers behind him up by one position and giving Sergey Sirotkin his first ever points finish in his Formula One career.

The stewards explained that the investigation was prompted by a protest from Renault, who provided photographic evidence to suggest that the Haas did not adhere to the rule requiring the front reference plane of the car’s floor be a radius of 50mm to each front corner.

After a clarification was sought by the teams in July, a technical directive was issued with teams given until the Italian Grand Prix to adhere to the new directive. Haas provided the stewards with an email thread in which they claim they informed the technical director they would introduce a new update by the Singapore Grand Prix, partly due to the summer shutdown.

Haas claim that as they did not receive a direct response that they would not be permitted to adhere to the technical directive by the Singapore Grand Prix, it was “their understanding…that their solution and timing were accepted”.

Following Renault’s protest, the stewards did not accept Haas’s circumstances and ruled that “it was therefore the obligation of the competitor to be in compliance, which they did not do”.

The stewards subsequently ruled that Grosjean’s car would be excluded from the final classification.

The decision ensures that Renault remain in fourth position in the constructor’s championship, eight points ahead of Haas instead of equal on points.

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  • 32 comments on “Grosjean excluded from sixth place as stewards uphold Renault protest”

    1. How did Renault know there was something wrong with their floor ?

      1. I’m pretty sure the article was updated since you posted. It now makes clear that there was an issue teams asked for clarification on and the FIA ruled that by Monza everyone had to be compliant to the stricter letter of the law Tom.

        Since Haas informed the FIA that they only planned to introduce the new floor to match that by Singapore, I guess it was a card Renault (and probably others too) kept in hand to have in case the Haas had a good result

    2. After the race, when the cars all stop close to one another – I imagine they used their eyes.

      1. Bit is it really that obvious ? If so how did haas miss it ? Maybe they get close enough to measure these things but when you’re talking about mm size that’s hard to judge by eye.

        1. These are people used to detailing in the microns. If something looks off, it’s worth an ask.

      2. Or maybe they noted it before @sham, @Tom and kept it in reserve to either try it themselves, or use it like they did now that the car got ahead of them in the points.

        1. That’s true @bosyber . I guess if they noticed after qualifying or practice they’d just wait until after the race to bring it up for maximum gain. Still seems surprising that a rival team noticed it.

          1. With the updated article as it is now (ie. the full FIA stewards report) @Tom, I guess it is clear why: everyone had to update/check their floor by Monza, and perhaps teams had also had discussions/rumours about Haas not being able to do that by that date, due to it having to go (I suppose) from their design department through Dallara …

    3. Feel bad for Romain, but this is a moment my inner statistic-lover has been looking forward to all year; now every driver to have entered a race this year has scored at least one point! I’m pretty sure every single entrant having points on the board at any given time is a historical first. Of course, Haas may appeal, and there may be a new driver on the grid next time out, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

    4. Feel bad for him. Outpaced KMag the whole weekend and was best of the rest. Rules are rules though.

    5. There’s a lot at stake for the multi million Renault aspirations. Being passed by a small team like Haas would be disgraceful.
      So every option to strip Haas points is allowed.

      1. From @F1StatMan:

        To slightly summarise and simplify this huge slab of text… From what I understand, teams were exploiting the rule, FIA issued a new technical directive to fill that hole, Haas couldn’t get their floor sorted until Singapore

        1. Sounds like a ten minute job with an angle grinder.

          1. Maybe they tried but didnt get it within 1mm.

    6. Happy for Sirotkin. He deserved it!

      1. Happy for him.
        Not sure if he ‘deserved it’ though.

        1. @coldfly he’s been doing very well in that dog of a car, a quiet job. He was in the top 10 for most of the race too. So I think he deserved it.

    7. Every driver has scored one point this season

    8. Was the other Haas checked? And if so would this have been caused as the car rode up on to the higher Monza curbs.

      1. Only Grosjean was protested and Renault had picture of the car from the grid, Haas was told before the event that they were open to protest as a supplier couldn’t make the floor compliant before this weekend

        1. From the sounds of it one has to assume that if someone had protested Magnessen’s car then it too would have been disqualified.

    9. Wow, Racing Point gonna pass Toro Rosso’ racing points…

    10. In their ‘desperate’ attempt to keep Haas behind, they might actually have opened the door for RPFI to overtake them.

      1. @coldfly I doubt it. A bit too big of a gap for RPFI to claw back entirely within only seven races.

    11. Feel bad for Grosjean, he has been driving very well in the past few races.

    12. Haas…..”but, but, but, you didn’t reply to our request, so, so, we thought we was good”. Really Haas? Really?

      1. Silence does NOT mean consent. Haven’t they been paying attention to #metoo? ;)

    13. Disgraceful of renault, 200 mil budget, a manufacturer team and they need force india to start over from 0 points and to protest against haas to stop them from catching up in a haas favoured track to get their 4th place.

      I have my serious doubts this team that has to try stuff like this to barely get 4th will bring the challenge to the top teams.

      1. @esploratore It’s not like they’ve used unfair means. Rather, it was Haas whose car turned out to be illegal and Renault deserves credit for keeping their eyes open.

        Surely, if you have knowledge that your main competitor is not following the rules, you will protest it, no matter who you are. Not sure how this makes Renault “disgraceful”.

    14. Well, this now means that no driver will finish this season with zero points. Now on point, though: The right decision by the Stewards since the technical regulations had been broken.

      1. Aaarrhg com-on.. Renault found themselves the smallest shoes in the shop… Fairplay would have been to protest before the race or send a warning signal on friday..

        Alonso and Renault is really under pressure these days and is pulling everything up from that hat.. Glad Fi lost their points else they have been shooting too..

    15. First technical infringement DSQ since 2015.

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