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F1 to hold Season Launch event in Melbourne

2019 Australian Grand Prix

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Formula 1 will mark the start of the 2019 season with a special launch event on the Wednesday before the Australian Grand Prix.

All 20 drivers and 10 team principals will take part in the Season Launch event at Melbourne’s Federation Square. FOM is hosting the race in conjunction with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, which has previously held fan events at the same location.

The free event will also include former F1 drivers and music acts. It will be streamed across F1’s social media platforms.

F1’s managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches said: “The passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Melbourne crowd deserved a special thanks and this is why we have decided to organise the first ever Season Launch event in the history of the sport.

“We are incredibly excited to be putting on such a spectacle for our fans. It’s vital that we put them at the heart of everything we do, and this event provides us with a platform to engage with fans not just locally but also globally.

“The 2019 season also marks another historic moment for the sport as we celebrate our 1000th Grand Prix in China later this year and we are excited to see all the teams come together to kick off the season with a bang.”

The Melbourne Season Launch is the latest in a series of fan events the sport has run since 2017. These have also been used to introduce F1 to new markets, such as its 2018 event in Miami (pictured).

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17 comments on “F1 to hold Season Launch event in Melbourne”

  1. I know we had this debate here before, but just to clarify, China will be the 1000th World Championship race. The 1000th World Championship Grand Prix comes at Monza. There were many more Grands Prix as such since 1906…

    1. The 1000th world championship ‘F1 race’ is set to be round eight of the 2020 season actually to be perfectly precise.

      1. @gpfacts The 1000th world championship ‘F1 race’ is set to be round eight of the 2020 season actually to be perfectly precise.

        1. @jerejj Maybe, but the 1952/53 races were still Grands Prix. Personally, I find it amusing that many people so fiercely claim that 1952/53 was not F1 championship, but at the same time have no problem with the 1961-65 era. 8-)

          1. They were “Grands Prix”, but they weren’t run to “F1” rules. Much like the Indy 500 when it was part of the world championship.

  2. They should hold a short sprint kart race between all the drivers in the grid. Equal machinery and relatively safe conditions; I’d pay so much to see that.

    1. @im-a-kobe That would be great fun! Stream it as well.

  3. I’m sure this will be more exciting than the race. Terrible circuit.


    About time they held something like that here. I reckon the last street demo in Melbourne was 2004?

    I can’t wait to spend the day in town taking it in!

    1. The press release from Formula 1 doesn’t mention any actual demo action, from what I can tell. Sounds like it’ll just be personell at Fed Square with maybe some show cars.

  5. Federation Square is too small for an event like this. And by the time they set up all the additional security needed the space will be even smaller.

    1. @travis Where does it say that it’ll be in Fed Square?

      1. Second paragraph.

  6. Ah-oo-ah, an event ! boy, oh boy, I just can’t wait, wow. AN EVENT !

  7. Will they be allowed to use their 2019 cars or will it be the usual mix of V8s, resprays and historics?

    1. 2019 cars will probably be at the actual circuit being prepared :)

      That being said, there doesnt seem to be any mention of any actual car demos or anything; it sounds like it will just be people on Federation Square with maybe some show cars.

    2. @neilosjames to be fair, last year’s Milan event featured both 2018 Ferrari and V8 Sauber. Guess which one shook my bones. Oh and the FXX too.

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