Robert Kubica, Williams, Baku City Circuit, 2019

Kubica says he ‘paid a high price for a little mistake’ in turn eight crash

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Robert Kubica says the crash which ended his qualifying effort for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was a small mistake which brought a high price.

“I clipped the inside with the front left which pushed me into the wall,” Kubica told the BBC after his crash in Q1. “It’s the worst place you can make those kind of evaluations and unfortunately I paid quite a high price. That’s how it is.”

Kubica went to the Medical Centre following the crash for precautionary checks but said he feels “fine” after the crash.

“It’s all OK,” he said. “It’s not a huge impact but of course the Medical Centre they had to, for precautions, do all the tests. I feel good so no problem.”

Charles Leclerc had a similar crash at the same point on the track early in Q2. “I didn’t know,” said Kubica. “A shame for him. It’s the place where you pay a high price for a little mistake but we know it and that’s how it is.”

Kubica’s team mate George Russell is already driving the team’s only spare chassis. Kubica says he isn’t sure whether his car can be repaired for tomorrow’s race.

“I don’t know, we’ll have to for sure first get the car back,” he said. “I haven’t been in the garage. [We’ll] see what we can do.”

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6 comments on “Kubica says he ‘paid a high price for a little mistake’ in turn eight crash”

  1. Little mistake big consequences.

  2. It is hard to be hard on him considering the car he is driving but I still have my doubts about his abilities as I have said many times before on this site.

    I’m not hating on the guy – just trying to be realistic.
    I feel that he may be fighting against himself ( age, injury, time away from F1) as much as he is fighting with the car :(

  3. Its hard to say this..because I’m a huge fan of Robert and have a tremendous amount of respect for him… but he’s put it in made 2 big errors in the last 4 qualifying sessions. He seems to be over driving the car because he’s just not got the pace in him currently. It’s going to be hard for Williams to keep him in the line up for the whole season if this trend of form continues.

  4. The Qweezy Mark
    27th April 2019, 16:59

    Clipping the wall with the front tire is one of the biggest of mistakes. You are aiming for and running into something. Not saying it’s an easy job…just sayin’.

  5. According to the data. Kubica had a 21G crash and Leclerc only a 12G crash.

  6. Kubica MK1 didn’t hit walls, he did however scrape them all in his Monaco quali lap (2010).

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