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Masi to remain as F1 race director until summer break

2019 F1 season

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Michael Masi is to remain as Formula 1 race director until at least the summer break, RaceFans has learned.

Masi took over the role following the sudden death of Charlie Whiting on the eve of the new season in Melbourne. He has served as race director in each of the races since then.

F1 team managers were told by Masi at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend he will remain in the position on an interim basis until at least the Hungarian Grand Prix, after which F1’s four-week summer break begins.

RaceFans understands that is unlikely to change, meaning Masi will spend at least the first 11 races of the year in the role.

Before Whiting’s death, Masi was being trained as a potential future replacement for the veteran race director. He was already set to serve as the FIA’s deputy race director at around a third of this year’s Formula 1 races, as well as at all the Formula 2 and Formula 3 rounds.

During his brief period as race director, Masi had to oversee the Baku circuit’s response to an incident involving a drain cover in a practice session, which caused serious damage to George Russell’s Williams. Masi halted proceedings so that the race organisers could repair the damage and inspect the other drain covers to ensure the incident was not repeated.

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2019 F1 season

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  1. Is there any particular reason they’re not just confirming him right away, instead of keeping him in “interim” limbo? Is the reluctance from the FIA, from Masi himself, or someone else?

    1. Exactly…are they really considering bringing in someone brand new, after he gets settled?

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