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Gasly: Turn one mistake cost me fifth place

2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly, who qualified ninth for the Austrian Grand Prix, says a mistake at turn one cost him fifth place.

The Red Bull driver ended a close qualifying session 0.127 seconds slower than Kevin Magnussen, who originally qualified fifth.

He said he was pleased by his progress in the first two parts of qualifying but was disappointed by his costly error.

“It was a good Q1, good Q2 and that’s something. We tried to find some consistency and managed to put some good laps in in qualifying. Things were going well, I felt good with the car Q1, Q2 and pace was pretty good.

“Then Q3 the first run wasn’t ideal and then [on the] second run I arrived in turn one and lost the car on the entry. I just went over the kerb, went off-track and lost four-tenths up to turn three.

“After that the rest of the lap was good, just a mistake in turn one cost me the fifth place. I think we had the pace to clearly be fifth, we ended only a tenth from P5.”

Gasly doubted he could have qualified higher than fifth. “Not better than that, but [that] already would have been a pretty good one and would have been pretty satisfying after a pretty good weekend. So I’m quite disappointed with myself with the mistake in turn one.”

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12 comments on “Gasly: Turn one mistake cost me fifth place”

  1. the clock is ticking for Gasly..
    again an disappointing performance.
    Markos remark about, “Gasly does not have to tell Adrian Newey how to build a car”

  2. I still believe Gasly will turn it around at some point, but at the moment it’s not looking good for him. He should thank the gods that RedBull doesn’t have any real talent in their academy at the moment or a up-and-coming-star at STR, otherwise he would be “To(a)st”.

    1. F1oSaurus (@)
      29th June 2019, 20:50

      @gechichan I also think Gasly might turn it around at some point, but you have to wonder if he is with Red Bull then still

  3. I predict if Max won the race tomorrow then they will swap Gasly with Kvyat. They will still believe they got a chance to finish in the top three in the drivers’ championship, if not win it, but they need someone behind Max to take points off the other drivers.

    If Max merely finish on the podium though, then it might not seem urgent to change.

    Gasly is looking by the day more like Vandoorne. A promising talent in a team built around a number one driver. Racing the rest of the year at TR might be ironically best for him.

    1. a big difference is that McLaren was not able to build two identical cars and Alonso was the preferred driver for al new parts.
      That’s not how it is at RBR.

      1. F1oSaurus (@)
        29th June 2019, 20:52

        Oh come on that happened once!

        The same happens with Red Bull too. For instance there have been several times when they had only one new front wing. Or worse that they had two and then their #1 driver broke his banging over the kerbs. Then the #2 driver had his new front wing removed and it was placed on the #1 driver car.

        1. Even a Res Bull with Australia parts is well beyond F1.5, Gasly has absolutely no excuse.

          The Raghunathan of F1.

          1. Agree, it’s disappointing cause last year he wasn’t that bad.

            He might be a fisichella or a frentzen, give them an average car and they shine, give them a good car and they plummet.

  4. He really needs to step up big time and rather quickly. This is just getting embarrassing that he struggles even to beat some of the more regular midfielders while his teammate competes for the same positions with the Ferrari and Mercedes-drivers occasionally or at least remain relatively close to them. The struggles at the beginning of the season very more understandable, but not so much now anymore since he already had started to get better and better both pace and results-wise from the third race in China onwards, but then from Canada, he suddenly returned to his early-season slump. He can’t forever keep on taking time to get used to the car. I don’t hold too much hope for his prospects for tomorrow either, but hopefully, he’d surprise me (and others) big time by driving the race of his life or something.

    1. ‘remains’ ‘were more’

  5. He is so slow that in his own opinion, his lap was good enough to be the last of the top guys at best. Again.

    Let’s hope he and Vettel collide tomorrow and Vettel can have some words with Christian Horner like he did the last time an underperformer from Red Bull hit him. lol.

    1. Ahah, now that’s interesting, as long as gasly is replaced, we can sacrifice vettel’s race!

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