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F1 confirms one-year deal to continue Spanish GP

2020 F1 season

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The Spanish Grand Prix will return on the 2020 F1 calendar after a new single-year deal to host the race was agreed.

The championship has agreed the deal with the Circuit de Catalunya, which has held the race every year since 1991, the government of Catalonia, the Real Automovil Club de Catalunya (RACC) and the Montmelo Town Council.

Formula 1 chairman and CEO Chase Carey said he hopes the deal will lead to a new long-term contract for the race, which first appeared on the F1 calendar in 1951.

“The promoter’s willingness to be part of Formula 1 going into 2020 is proof of the sport’s ability to act as a catalyst for regions to hold world class events and also to have a positive impact on the area’s economy,” said Carey. The circuit claims the race brought £163 million into the local economy this year.

“In the coming months, we will continue our discussions to see if we can further extend this advantageous relationship,” said Carey.

“In the meantime, I would like to thank Quim Torra, the Catalan president for his vital support in these negotiations, in the hope of celebrating a fantastic fiftieth Spanish Grand Prix in 2020, the thirtieth to be held at one of the most technically demanding circuits on the world championship calendar.”

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2020 F1 season

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14 comments on “F1 confirms one-year deal to continue Spanish GP”

  1. Can’t be happier at the moment!

    Really glad this marvelous circuit stays next year, and hope will stay in years to come.

    1. Love the venue itself and Barcelona as a city is great, but I think the track is terrible tbh. It produces boring races year in year out.
      Unfortunately, Spain doesn’t really have any good grade 1 circuit at all. Well, for bikes they are but not for car-racing.

      1. @jeffreyj several Spanish tracks have FIA F1 testing homologation (Jerez, Cheste, Motorland). I’d be honestly curious to see how an F1 care fares around Motorland. I’ve ridden it several times (on bike) and it’s an outstanding track.

        1. @warheart Yeah you are right, Motorland would be a pretty decent option. Well, better than Barcelona anyway.

    2. Has to be sarcasm. Race sucks, one of the most boring on the calendar.

      1. Indeed, sometimes you get good races there but it’s rare.

        1. I can’t remember any tbh.

          In 2012 Maldonado won and in 2016 Verstappen won, both unexpected but the races were still processions with very little action. I think it was 2015 when Rosberg and Hamilton were close all race, but nothing really happened that race either.

          Did I forget a good one that anyone can think of?

      2. No worse, he really means it. He seems to like processions i guess.
        No tension so he can watch the race without any excitement.

  2. Meh. Whatever

  3. Glad Spain has a race on the calendar but the circuit is pretty bland for races. 22 races is far too much though.

  4. For me this is good news. As I have never attended Barcelona GP, I feel next year I am going there before it might get replaced for Miami GP. It will be 30th race in Barcelona, so hopefully there will be very festive atmosphere.

  5. What a shame, guess next year.

  6. A pretty dull track for F1 and the spectator facilities leave a lot to be desired.

  7. Brilliant. It’s a great track to drive and while it’s not the most exciting one to watch, it has produced some all-time classics.

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