Robert Kubica, Williams, Suzuka, 2019

Error one of several factors in “f***ing joke” crash – Kubica

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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Robert Kubica said his driving error was only part of the reason he crashed at the start of qualifying at Suzuka.

However the Williams driver was unwilling to expand on the other causes for his crash at the exit of the final corner as he began his first lap in the session.

Kubica said he paid “a high price for that really small off” when he understeered wide into the barrier.

“I just accelerated opening the lap,” he explained. “Probably there were a few factors which contributed to this.

“I put the rear wheel slightly off the track, missed the space and that was over, I was on the grass and the wall came quite quickly.

“As I said I think there’s a few factors which are contributing. I don’t want to go too much into the details. But let’s say the whole story started before qualifying.”

Speaking on the radio immediately after the crash Kubica said “I’m OK but it’s a fucking joke.”

Teams have a limited amount of time to repair their cars before the start of the race, which is due to start less than three hours after the end of qualifying. Kubica’s car was withdrawn from the previous race in Sochi due to a shortage of parts.

Kubica wasn’t the only driver to crash at the final corner. Kevin Magnussen, who spun into the same barrier a few minutes after the session restarted, said “I think I got a massive [gust]. It’s very gusty today, I lost the rear.”

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  • 5 comments on “Error one of several factors in “f***ing joke” crash – Kubica”

    1. What an embarassing crash he drove off the track, no steering input, Magnussen wheel was way different Kubica just drove off the track. He is getting outclassed and his subtle hints is trying to make excuses to his Polish fans who think Williams would sabotage Kubica. I see so many saying Russel is not as good as Kubica by Polish fans. Do not let the fact Kubica won the lottery and will end up beating Russel fool you, Russel is a future star he screams stardom even in Q1 today when he was ahead of Stroll for abit you just know in a good car he would similar to Norris at the very least.

      1. LOL. Good drugs mate!

        1. The thing is, I think that the comments he is making here are about the fact that Williams brought a front wing that was a test item for 2020. Both drivers tested the new wing, with Kubica himself acknowledging that it was a test item that was intended primarily for the 2020 car, with Williams always planning to revert to their current front wing design for qualifying and the race.

          However, Kubica has now started complaining about the fact that Williams did what they had always planned to do, which to revert back to their current front wing design. He was describing it as a “strange reason” on Sunday that they reverted back, despite saying that it was an experimental part that wasn’t going to be raced on Thursday – it’s been slightly odd behaviour from him.

    2. A bit of an embarrassing one, but you could see just before the off he tried to put more lock in and the front just didn’t respond, by which point the front wheel was on the grass and he was heading straight to the scene of the crash. Would say it was definitely the tail/cross wind unsettling the car but he also didn’t give any margins for the conditions, so ultimately it was driver error. Albeit the conditions making it look a bigger one than it really was.

    3. Such a shame that a talent like Robert os dealing with this terrible car. You could have seen his frustration from space!

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