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Renault may appeal against Japanese GP disqualification

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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Renault is considering its position following the disqualification of both its cars from the Japanese Grand Prix and has not ruled out appealing the decision.

The FIA announced today the stewards had disqualified Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg from the results of the last race after determining their brake bias systems constituted a form of driver aid.

However the stewards did not determine that the system infringed the technical regulations, which Renault referred to in a statement responding to the decision.

“Renault F1 Team acknowledges the decision of the stewards of the Japanese Grand Prix regarding the protest by SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team concerning the legality of Renault F1 Team’s braking system during the Japanese Grand Prix,” it said.

“Despite the FIA concurring with Renault that the system was entirely legal under the FIA Technical Regulations, it was judged by the stewards that the system was in breach of the FIA Sporting Regulations regarding driver aid. Both Renault cars were disqualified from the Japanese Grand Prix and the team loses the nine points scored.

“However, considering the subjectivity of the qualification of a system as a driver aid and the variability of the associated penalties in recent cases, Renault F1 Team will consider its next course of action within the timeframe laid out by the FIA.”

The stewards have given Renault extra time to submit an appeal against the decision due to the unusual timings of the decision ahead of this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix.

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6 comments on “Renault may appeal against Japanese GP disqualification”

  1. considering… the variability of the associated penalties in recent cases

    Diplomacy at its best)

    On the subject – hope they don’t appeal… but they will, and this will drag until after the end of the year…

  2. Exploit dem ambiguities.

  3. Someone needs to protest those 2 second pitstops. All 4 tyres changed without any manual effort from the driver. Driver aid indeed.

    Why do I get the feeling that Lawrence is moving up the FIA influence chain…

  4. Er… ..Is Renault aware that there haven’t been all that many cases of driver aid infractions over the years, thus rendering their comment about this odd? (That the system breaches the Sporting Regulations means disqualification isn’t automatic in the way that it would under the Technical Regulations, but I cannot think of any driving aid declarations of guilt that resulted in anything less than disqualification).

    1. There was one earlier in the year (German GP), regarding the Alfa-Romeo’s and a traction control system, both were given a 30sec penalty.

  5. Equally as unsurprising as the DSQ itself.

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