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Hamilton in talks with Carey over environmental role

2019 F1 season

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Lewis Hamilton endorsed Formula 1’s target to reduce its carbon emissions to “net zero” and said he is in discussions over how he can help the sport promote its environmental credentials.

The Mercedes driver, who has become a passionate advocate of environmental causes, said he has spoken to Formula 1 CEO and chief executive Chase Carey about how he can promote the initiative.

“I definitely am open to working with Chase and with his team and the FIA,” said Hamilton. “I’ve been talking to Chase for two, three years saying that we’ve got to do something. We’ve not quite yet figured out what that role is, but it’s something in that area.”

Hamilton has previously said he is pleased the sport’s current owners, Liberty Media, replaced Bernie Ecclestone because the former F1 chief had no interest in making the sport more sustainable.

He believes the sport can achieve its goal if they “put the investment” in. “It’s not like they’ve got a lack of money to make the changes,” he said.

“I think the teams have to also be willing to participate. I know my team, Mercedes, is. I’ve not heard or read about Ferrari or any of the other teams, particularly, but maybe they are also with it.

“They need to be on the same journey because it’s going to take the whole of the sport to to make the change.”

F1 will have to be “really strict” to reduce the waste and emissions produced by its events, Hamilton added. But he believes imposing the changes should be straightforward.

“When you go to all these different countries, particularly the ones the new ones that they’re bringing onto the circuit, [it’s] super easy for them to implement already in a contract to say from day one this is what we’re going to [do to] be sustainable.

“For the other ones, they’ve got plenty of time to make change, particularly for the following years. So I don’t see why it won’t happen.

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2019 F1 season

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22 comments on “Hamilton in talks with Carey over environmental role”

  1. Those ritualistic mobile home manuvours is possible the source of their biggest carbon footprint.

    The race and car engines has a surprisingly small impact, compared the expenditure of fuel moving equipments from site to site. The real question is how much of that is actually necessary?

    1. So not all those ICE vehicles Mercedes, Renault, Aston Martin, Honda, Alfa Romeo, FIAT and McLaren have been selling us?

      The sugar market ethics and transport costs of selling us Energy drinks?
      Animal exploitation in the milk drinks? One for Lewis!

  2. José Lopes da Silva
    15th November 2019, 14:35

    F1 is about to die. Someone must come up with a serious real petrolhead racing car competition.

    1. It’s too late. Left-wing environut control freaks have so permeated society that you can’t escape them. They’re perpetually miserable people and always have to have a “cause”.

      1. Sadly, you’re both right.

      2. Ok, boomer…

  3. Maybe after the last race, Lewis and Carey can jet off to some far away location and putter around in a big power boat for a few days to relax. A little Jet-Ski time and some cold beverages.
    It isn’t that their goal is not admirable, it is just not possible with the global economy, lifestyles (real ad imagined) and the numbers of those wanting what it is that they want.
    The US went through this back in the 70s and 80s when last-oil was in sight. The biggest sporting consumers (and emitters) were the common ball sports, Baseball, Basketball, Football and similar events with motorsport being near the bottom of the list.
    60s … acid rain was going to pollute the planet and kill every living thing in sight
    70s … Smog was going to kill us about the same time we ran out of oil.
    80s … We were awash in oil at down below $10.00 a barrel
    90s … the ozone layer was gone and we’re all gonna die from UV exposure
    2000s, … the money is all gone and we’re gonna die broke
    Between then and now … Nitrous oxides, CO, HCs, EM emissions and ocean levels are all heading up at record rates.
    So here we are knocking on 2020. The air is cleaner than 20, 30, even 50 years ago, we have stable energy prices and supply, more population than the “experts” predicted we had the capacity to feed and some of the most colorful and entertaining world leaders than could ever have been imagined.
    What is the next panic call going out for, because we all know that there will be one, just when and what for.

    1. The population is part of the problem, or have you just not bothered to read the facts about climate change?

      Might be worth revisiting the musings of those “experts” to educate yourself on the global climate emergency.

      1. Magnus Rubensson (@)
        16th November 2019, 16:07

        JC: ” … or have you just not bothered to read the facts … ”
        “… educate yourself … “

        There’s that classic vitriolic-derogatory-authoritarian-commie tactic once again.
        Completely void of real arguments.

        Now be so kind and and explain the 1926 Miami floods. Many, many dead. Almost 100 years ago. One year before Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic. Were people in 1926 flying too much, perhaps?

        Be so kind and educate us on that.
        I’m listening.

    2. Agree 100% NS Biker. All these apocalyptic, hand-wringing, goofballs and their chicken little garbage are trying to destroy modern society.

  4. If they make the races really boring and introduce complex rules that have no consistency, and stick it all behind a paywall, then fans will no longer tune in or visit the circuits. Problem solved! :-D

  5. He is such a flippin’ tool. If he wants to be a greenie weenie, fine, but this is auto racing, these cars use gasoline, if that is a problem for him, leave the sport. This enviro BS is starting to go from a mild nuisance to downright infuriating. Leave the sport alone, stop trying to turn it into something it isn’t and never was designed to be.

    1. Who you talking about? The sport, its owners and governing body are all going down this route; and it’s their initiative. So who is the ‘he’ who is a flippin tool you’re advising to leave the sport?

      1. ian dearing

        He’s talking about the lying hypocrite driver

  6. I think the teams have to also be willing to participate.

    I think the teams would be more willing to participate if there was some advantage to them, especially an advantage in the race.

  7. Says the man who use to fly one of his dogs from Los Angeles to London in a private jet before races because said dog “liked living in Los Angeles better”. Effin’ hypocrite.

    1. Stewart Moir

      Lews has started to behave like a less mature version of Greta Thunberg. What with his lies and everything.
      At least she was prepared to sh /t in a bucket of a small part of her life.
      He should f off to Hollywood with the other lefty hypocrites as soon as he’s matched Schumacher’s main statistic.

  8. Suggestion to environmentally conscious Hamilton: Avoid corporate bla-bla-blah crap and boycott floodlit races.

    1. @blasbri

      I wonder how he feels about Halal and how he plans to stop 1.8 billion people eating it. He also went quiet in China where, let’s just say, they eat a large variety of meats.

  9. Where did all these angry boomers in the comments come from.

  10. The comment section of RaceFans I now consider a hostile place.

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