Alfa Romeo C39, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020

First pictures: Alfa Romeo reveals its 2020 car in its race livery

2020 F1 season

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Alfa Romeo has presented its new car for the 2020 F1 season in the livery it will race in.

The C39 was originally presented in a special testing livery when it ran for the first time at Fiorano last week.

The team has signed Orlen as its new title sponsor. “We are more than pleased to welcome Orlen on board and to have them join alongside what has been an extremely successful relationship with Alfa Romeo,” said team principal Frederic Vasseur.

“Working with such important partners is essential for us. It’s a big step forward for the team and, together with the stability and sound footing the company now has, it allows us to be confident for the future.”

[smr2020test]Robert Kubica, who has joined the team as reserve driver and continued his association with the Polish petrochemical manufacturer, was the first to drive the team’s new car in the morning at the Circuit de Catalunya. He has returned to the team which gave him his F1 debut, when it was known as BMW Sauber, in 2006.

“I’m 14 years older and in a different role but it still feels like coming home,” he said. “The factory is exactly the same and there are a lot of faces from my first stint with this team. There are so many people who helped make everything happen for me and I am grateful to work with them again.

“The team is developing a lot and the sport has changed a lot since I was last here, but the DNA of the team hasn’t changed. The attitudes, the approach are the same – it’s a very precise, very organised team, which is very good. It’s interesting to see how every team has a different way of working, it’s a great opportunity to learn.”


Pictures: 2020 Alfa Romeo F1 car

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2020 F1 season

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4 comments on “First pictures: Alfa Romeo reveals its 2020 car in its race livery”

  1. That looks stunning. One of my top liveries this year.

    1. Agree. And maybe because both liveries are excelling in their simplicity in number of different colours and the superb logos at the back, I think that both Alfa and the other Alpha are the best look liveries this year.

  2. Kimi. Mr Cool. You’re born with that, you can’t learn it.

    On another note, Magnetti Marelli are back! Thought they had ditched F1….

  3. Still a waste of potential. It amazes me how Alfa and Renault manage to present better liveries for shakedowns.

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