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Ferrari takes “precautionary measures” following coronavirus outbreak in Italy

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Ferrari has reacted to growing concern over the spread of the coronavirus in Italy by imposing new restrictions on its staff.

[f1tv2020testa]A number of towns have been quarantined as the country tried to contain the spread of the virus. Over 200 people in Italy are known to have the virus and seven have died. Codogno, one of the most affected areas, is around 140 kilometers from Maranello, where Ferrari are based.

In a statement Ferrari said it “has defined precautionary measures to manage the current coronavirus alert. As requested by local authorities, both Ferrari Museums in Maranello and in Modena have been closed and the company has restricted access for employees that are resident or have visited the affected municipalities.”

The team has imposed restrictions on staff travel, though this is unlikely to affect its participation in this week’s three-day pre-season Formula 1 test.

“The company has also suspended until further notice all external visits – including factory tours – as well as all non-critical business travel,” said the team’s statement. “The situation is being monitored closely. New measures will be promptly implemented and communicated should they become necessary.”

The World Health Organisation has warned the global spread of the coronavirus outbreak is close to becoming a pandemic. The virus is believed to have originated in China, which has seen the vast majority of infections and fatalities.

The Chinese Grand Prix has already been postponed due to the outbreak. However as the virus continues to spread worldwide, with over 80,000 cases now identified, other races may also come under threat.

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    1. The Corona chammmpionship. This will be a memorable one. Cancelled races, Empty grandstands.

      1. While China has the most Corona virus cases (77000+), with their population of 1.43B that equates to roughly 54.1 people per million that have contracted the Covid-19. Italy currently has 5.33 cases per million people, while Japan (excluding those on board the Diamond Princess cruise liner) has 1.27 cases per million people (6.72 per million including the DP). Singapore currently has about 15.67 cases per million people, Bahrain has about 14 per million people, and Kuwait has 2.6 per million people.

        1. @drycrust Kuwait doesn’t have a race, though.

          1. @jerejj Doh! Thanks for point that out.

    2. Toro rosso also based out of Italy would be interesting to watch on how the situation affects their supply. Also Italian GP is in 2nd half of season and hoping the situation will improve until then for better.

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