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Third Formula E race cancelled due to Coronavirus

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Formula E has cancelled a third round of its 2019-20 championship due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

The race in Jakarta, which was due to be Indonesia’s first Formula E round, has been taken off the calendar.

A statement issued by Formula E said: “As instructed by the governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan, and in consultation together with Formula E, the FIA, Ikatan Motor Indonesia and the Organising Committee of the Jakarta E-Prix, it will no longer be possible to race in Jakarta on the scheduled date of June 6th, 2020.

“Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the escalating number of cases in Indonesia and Jakarta, the decision has been taken as the most responsible course of action, to protect the health and safety of championship participants, staff and spectators.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely with the relevant authorities and the Organising Committee of the Jakarta E-Prix, in order to assess the possibilities of rescheduling the race at a later date.”

Formula E co-founder Alberto Longo said the series is “evaluating contingency plans to lessen the potential impact of coronavirus and maintain the highest possible number of races on the calendar”.

“These include adding double-headers to existing events, using permanent facilities and racing behind closed doors if necessary and advised to do so by local authorities in any given location,” he added. The Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, Spain is believed to be one of the venues under consideration.

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Major races cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus

March 6 – March 8Moto GPQatar Grand PrixLosail International CircuitQatarDue to restrictions on travel from Italy
March 13 – March 15World SuperbikesQatarLosail International CircuitQatar
March 17 – March 17Ferrari Chellenge UKPrologueDonington ParkUKPostponed to first round at Snetterton on April 17th
March 21 – March 21Formula ESanya EPrixSanyaChina
March 20 – March 22Moto GPThailand Grand PrixBuriram International CircuitThailand
March 21 – March 22Super TaikyuRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 4 – April 4Formula ERome EprixRomeItaly
April 4 – April 5Super FormulaRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 3 – April 5Ferrari Challenge EuropeMugello roundMugelloItaly
April 3 – April 5Moto GPAmericas Grand PrixCircuit of the AmericasUSAPostponed to November 13th-15th
April 17 – April 19Formula 1Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International CircuitChina
April 17 – April 19Porsche Carrera Cup AsiaShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChinaChinese Grand Prix support race
April 17 – April 19Chinese Formula FourShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChinaChinese Grand Prix support race
April 17 – April 19GT World Challenge EuropeMonza roundMonzaItalyAlso GT Sports Club Europe
April 17 – April 19Formula Renault EurocupMonza roundMonzaItaly
May 6 – May 6Formula EJakarta EPrixJakartaIndonesia

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  • 5 comments on “Third Formula E race cancelled due to Coronavirus”

    1. Wondering how many more will go.

    2. I think Indonesians are happy. For the longest time, literally every post on FE’s Facebook was inundated with protest posts against the race happening at all.

      1. Not all Indonesians per-se, but Jakartans to be exact.

        It was mainly because of flooding, we’ve had more than a couple of times since the start of this year. Arguably one of the worst since the past few years. Considering the amount of money to bring an E-prix here, many were dissatisfied and asks that the government should’ve make drainage / flood management their priority.

        Personally I was excited the about the prospect of getting an E-prix, just a bit miffed that the fund has to come from the government and not promotors. But the contract has been signed, and money is spent regardless if there is a race or not. I doubt many locals who are hard against the E-prix knows that it isn’t as easy as tearing the contract in half.

        Hearing that the race is postponed is surprising to be honest. It’s still 3 months away, but earlier events like Vietnam GP and Seoul E-prix are still planned as it is.

        PS – typo on the timetable, it was scheduled for June 6 not May 6

    3. I heard this race are too political, not purely for sport purpose.
      It is wise to cancel the race.

      1. * this race is


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