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How to watch this weekend’s top esports races


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A packed weekend of motorsport action – of the virtual variety – is coming up.

Formula 1’s Virtual Grand Prix is back for its fourth round, at a venue chosen by fans, while IndyCar’s official series is holding its final event.

Formula E’s new simracing championship continues and, if you prefer your motorsport with a helping of virtual mud, so is the World Rallycross Championship’s series.

In IndyCar, Lando Norris is seeking to win for the second time in as many starts on Saturday. He is taking on an oval for the first time as the field races on iRacing’s simulation of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the 32-strong grid includes no fewer than eight previous Indy 500 winners.

Norris and team mate Carlos Sainz Jnr have not yet confirmed whether they will participate in Sunday’s F1 Virtual Grand Prix. However at least five other current F1 drivers will take part in the race on Interlagos, the track which was chosen by a poll of fans.

These are just two of the major esports races happening this weekend – here’s when and where you can watch them and the rest:

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DateSeriesOrganiserEventGameTrackFormatStart time (UK)Start time (US Eastern)Watch
02/05/2020Porsche Esports SupercupPorscheZandvoortiRacingZandvoortRace14:0009:00 Twitch
02/05/2020Race at Home ChallengeFormula ERound tworFactor 2TBCElimination race15:3010:30YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on Formula E’s website and Twitter account, and TV channels
02/05/2020All-Star SeriesTorque EsportsAll-Star SeriesrFactor 2TBCRaces17:0012:00YouTube
02/05/2020IndyCar iRacing ChallengeIndyCarDream TrackiRacingTBCQualifying, race19:3014:30 NBCSN (US), Sky Sports F1 (UK)
02/05/2020Not The GPVeloce EsportsVersusF1 2019TBCHead-to-head20:0015:00YouTube
03/05/2020World RX Esports InvitationalWorld Rallycross ChampionshipMontalgreDirt Rally 2.0MontalgreHeats14:0009:00YouTube Facebook
03/05/2020Virtual F2 and F3F2/F3BahrainF1 2019BahrainRace16:0011:00YouTube Twitch
03/05/2020Virtual Grand PrixFormula 1Fan vote raceF1 2019Interlagos28-lap race18:0013:00YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on some television channels
03/05/2020eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational SeriesNASCARDoveriRacingDoverRace18:0013:00 Fox, FS1, Fox Sports app (US)
04/05/2020Esports WTCR raceWTCRChinaRaceRoomNingboQualifying, race18:3013:30YouTube Facebook
06/05/2020All Star EseriesAustralian SupercarsRound fiveiRacingSpa and NurburgringRaces10:0005:00 Facebook Twitch Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 10 Play, Sky Sports NZ

Find more upcoming esports races here:

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    1. You’re missing Porsche Esports Supercup on Saturday, with some dude called Max taking part

    2. This has been updated with the F2/F3, NASCAR and Porsche race details.

    3. The IndyCar race will also be on their YouTube channel, just like the last one.

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