Norris wants to return to “more competitive” Australian Supercars iRacing series


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Lando Norris is keen to do more Australian Supercars iRacing rounds, describing it as one of the more competitive series he’s participated in.

The McLaren driver, who has also participated in F1’s Virtual Grands Prix and IndyCar’s iRacing Challenge, praised the Australian Supercars’ tournament after contesting yesterday’s round on Spa-Francorchamps.

“There’s a lot more drivers on the grid compared to some of the others,” said Norris. “And I would say the whole field put together is probably a bit more competitive than a lot of them.

“It’s good, I think the reverse grid race is really fun as much as it can be a bit of carnage at times and a few little crashes here and there. It’s a good challenge to kind of mix it up and not always go qualifying [and then] race, but do something a bit different, which you generally don’t do so much in real racing.”

Max Verstappen has also participated in the series and Norris said he hopes to return despite the fact his results “weren’t as good as I was hoping [for].

“It’s been really good fun so I’m hoping and I’ve already asked if I can return for the next round.”

Next week’s races will take place on Circuit of the Americas and Sebring.

“COTA sounds good,” said Norris. “Last time I was there, I managed to win in the IndyCar race. So it’s a good track, I’ve done a lot of testing lately on the simulator and it’s just a good fun track to drive anyway.

“Sebring [is] not my favourite track. It’s a very bumpy track. I think in this car it’s going to be a very difficult combination. But I look forward to both of them.”

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    5 comments on “Norris wants to return to “more competitive” Australian Supercars iRacing series”

    1. Becoming a top sim driver takes as much effort as becoming a real driver. I used to drive on grand prix 3 and 4 on pc, then experimented with some others, but that is over a decade ago, I would love to buy a rig these days and try my hand at iracing, not interested in the codemasters f1 games, I remember when they first came out they were far inferior to games like gp3 and gp4 a decade older, watching videos the game hasn’t seemed to improve much as a simulator.

      1. In my late teens up to my late 20s where time was plenty and reflexes were spot on GP3 and GP4 were the best simulators available regarding F1. I am a true Microprose F1 fan.. :) GP GP2 GP3 GP4.. At the same time (late 20s) there was Rfactor available. I was impressed by it as well (especially the way McLaren F1 handled).. I am afraid there is no time for me available in order to justify a purchase of iRacing or a 400 Euro “entry” rig.. Which is sad.. :( Growing up sucks when you are a man, lol.. :) Unless you win the lottery.. Hahaha! I quite envy them (that they are growing up to an age where Gaming is something you can do and gain money and not get yelled at all the time!!

        1. In Crammond we trust.

          1. Jose Lopes da Silva
            13th May 2020, 18:23

            Amen, Saint Geoff!

    2. Nige Red 5
      7th May 2020, 17:17

      I raced iracing for years and pretty sure I raced Lando etc. It’s truly an amazing experience. Unfortunately due to work, needing to upgrade my wheel and PC, I had to give up. I would absolutely love to be in it now.

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