Three footballers join same six F1 drivers for Virtual Spanish Grand Prix

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The same six Formula 1 drivers who contested the last Virtual Grand Prix have been confirmed for this weekend’s Spanish round of the series.

Three footballers have accepted invitations to join the race, which will be held on Circuit de Catalunya using the official Formula 1 game F1 2019.

Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Alexander Albon, Antonio Giovinazzi and Williams pair George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will race for their regular race teams.

Carlos Sainz Jnr, who entered the Chinese round for McLaren, is absent from this weekend’s driver line-up again. Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Romain Grosjean, who have all installed simracing rigs recently, have not confirmed their participation.

Renault junior driver Max Fewtrell will make his first appearance in the series, while Pietro Fittipaldi will return for Haas.

They will be joined by footballers Sergio Aguero, driving for Red Bull, Arthur Melo with Haas, and Thibault Courtois at Alfa Romoe. Golfer Ian Poulter will also drive for Renault again.

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2020 Virtual Spanish Grand Prix driver line-up

Team Driver Notes
Mercedes TBA
Mercedes TBA
Ferrari Charles Leclerc
Ferrari Antonio Fuoco
Red Bull Alexander Albon
Red Bull Sergio Aguero Footballer
McLaren Lando Norris
McLaren TBA
Renault Max Fewtrell
Renault Ian Poulter Golfer
AlphaTauri TBA
AlphaTauri TBA
Racing Point TBA
Racing Point TBA
Alfa Romeo Antonio Giovinazzi
Alfa Romeo Thibaut Courtois Footballer
Haas Pietro Fittipaldi
Haas Arthur Melo Footballer
Williams George Russell
Williams Nicholas Latifi

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6 comments on “Three footballers join same six F1 drivers for Virtual Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. It’s odd the line up isn’t finalised yet, within days of the event. Compared to other race events it makes F1 seem a bit amateur.

  2. Seriously now, why don’t they get either test drivers, F2 drivers or F3 drivers to do this? Courtois has been getting better based on the last races, but he is part of Veloce Esports. Get some racing drivers in there rather than other sportsmen from other sports.

  3. I fully agree, more real racers would definitely add “value” and make the race series more serious, and also maybe show some upcoming future F1 drivers names from F2-F3, which could be a great thing.

    I understand that they want to “broadening” the F1 brand, but that could be a seperate race with eSporters, footballers etc.

  4. Footballers. Really?

    I am watching Max Verstappen in iRacing, and various other sim racers. They do a fine job. IndyCar does things quite well. Maybe Codemasters will develop a real sim now.

    I watched Vettel in his online debut, all kinds of good racing.

    But who wants to see Footballers race? Do you think want to see Hamilton kick a football?

  5. I was thinking today how great an idea it’d be to gather some team bosses as well as drivers.

    Guess the Virtual GP organizers had other things in their minds…

  6. There is no bottom with this joke from the Codemasters game. Noone wants to play it seriously because its an arcade.

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