Hanoi Street Circuit, Vietnam, 2020

Vietnam still seeking 2020 date for first F1 race

2020 Vietnam Grand Prix

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The promoters of the Vietnam Grand Prix remain hopeful of agreeing a new date for their race on the 2020 F1 calendar.

The championship was due to visit Hanoi for the first time in April before the race was postponed due to the pandemic.

The promoters of Vietnam’s first F1 race said in March they hoped to confirm a new date within one or two months. That deadline has now passed.

Zandvoort, the other new addition to this year’s F1 schedule, announced yesterday it had abandoned efforts to hold a race this year.

However the Vietnam Grand Prix promoters advised RaceFans their efforts to seek a new date this year and discussions with Formula 1 are continuing.

Being able to salvage one of its two new races from the disruption caused by the pandemic would have an obvious appeal for F1. But rescheduling a race on a temporary street circuit on a city presents greater logistical complications than visiting a permanent race track where access can be more easily controlled.

Races at temporary circuits in Melbourne and Monaco have already been cancelled. Singapore, another street track, has said its race will only go ahead if it can keep its original date of September 20th and open the event to fans.

The championship is expected to shortly announce a revised calendar of events in Europe running from July to early September.

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