Renault is first F1 team to add anti-Covid 19 face masks to its merchandise range

2020 F1 season

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Renault has become the first Formula 1 team to add a face mask to its official range of branded merchandise.

The team is selling face masks in its black and yellow colour scheme featuring the name of the team and new-for-2020 title sponsor DP World.

It is marketing the washable and reusable masks specifically to “protect against Covid-19”. Renault claims they offer a “protection efficiency against the virus” of over 90% and meet the specifications set down by France’s national organisation for standardisation AFNOR (Association Francaise de Normalisation).

Individual masks are priced at €4.99 (£4.49) and are available in black as well as the team’s colours. Renault is also selling a ‘week pack’ of five masks and a ‘family pack’ of 10. “All profits from the sale of these masks will be donated to associations,” it adds.

Last week the World Health Organization revised its official guidance regarding the use of face masks to safeguard against the spread of the pandemic, encouraging their wider use among the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Renault will follow Mercedes and other teams by holding a test using its two current race drivers in a 2018 car next week in order for the team to practice changes to its race weekend procedure arising from the pandemic. Esteban Ocon will drive the R28 at the Red Bull Ring on Tuesday following by Daniel Ricciardo on Wednesday.

Ocon was among the drivers seen wearing a face mask during F1’s cancelled Australian Grand Prix race weekend in March (below).

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2020 F1 season

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Esteban Ocon, Renault, Albert Park, 2020
Esteban Ocon, Renault, Albert Park, 2020

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20 comments on “Renault is first F1 team to add anti-Covid 19 face masks to its merchandise range”

  1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    12th June 2020, 21:13

    Honestly surprised it took them this long to start taking advantage of the face masks. I’d bet every other team is scrambling to set up their own in time for the first race. Red Bull are going to have an entire range.

    1. Yes, it does seem odd that the teams have taken so long to come out with what is basically mandatory PPE at a Grand prix.

  2. For anyone interested in ordering this: shipping is 18 € for one mask.

    1. That would be hand delivered by Esteban Ocon.

      F1 merchandise continues to be a rip off, up there with football kit.

    2. A bargain!

    3. I would have bought a couple of the black ones if the postage wasn’t so stupidly expensive!! (not even a Renault supporter!! lol) McLaren – are you going to make something similar with more reasonable postage costs??? :-)

  3. I’m sticking with the version of those made famous by Nick Halloway.
    Goes with everything.

  4. At least they dropped the exhalation valve from the mask.

  5. Good Grief.

  6. So many one liners… So little time.

    Trust Renault to be the leader in bad taste. About the only thing they’re going to lead.

    1. Totally agree, I basically said the same thing before seeing your comment. As if o needed more reason to despise Renault but unfortunately won’t be surprised if others follow.

    2. ?? What’s wrong about selling face masks? What’s wrong about making them less bland?

      1. Jenson Button
        14th July 2020, 7:52

        The shipping cost.

  7. Seems a bit strange to try and profit from a pandemic like this, trust Renault to be the first. These items won’t even have longevity.

    1. ““All profits from the sale of these masks will be donated to associations,”

    2. How about all the companies around the world who make masks anyway?
      What about all the pharmaceutical companies who are trying to create a vaccine? Do you think when they are successful and make it publicly available that it will be free?

      That’s capitalism.

  8. Neil (@neilosjames)
    13th June 2020, 3:04

    I’d probably wear one of those. Or, I would if I liked Renault. Always nice to add a bit of F1 to my life, I’d trust the quality and the claims of effectiveness, they look decent, and so on.

    But it’s F1, so either the product, the postage, or both are mystifyingly expensive. In this case, it’s both… if I wanted five Renault masks, it would cost me £40.50 (£21.96+£18.54 postage).

    Wonder if one of the UK-based teams will produce something a little closer to my budget.

    1. I was considering that until I saw the shipping price too – are they hand delivering them!!!

  9. LOL, but expected.

  10. *facepalm*

    They should add condoms as well, “to bring pleasure faster”.

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