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FIA approves new Return to Racing F1 rules package

2020 F1 season

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The FIA has approved a new ‘Return to Racing’ rules package setting down how grands prix will be run during the pandemic.

A new appendix has been added to the Sporting Regulations known as the Covid-19 Code of Conduct, which is intended to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus during race weekends.

Under the new rules, teams’ curfew restrictions will be changed in order to take into account the changed requirements due to social distancing practises. There were also be adjustments to the podium procedures and starting grid arrangements, the latter including a new limit on the number of personnel permitted.

FIA race stewards will be given the power to operate remotely “in exceptional circumstances” if needed.

Other changes have arisen due to the decision to hold back-to-back races at the same venue. These include alterations to the tyre allocation limits, which will give the FIA and Pirelli greater flexibility to change compound selections for different races.

New cost controls have also been introduced. These include limits on the number of engine software versions, fuel formulations and oil specifications teams may use during a season.

Other changes to the aerodynamic test restrictions, homologated components and fuel mass flow rate were also approved.

The revised first eight race dates for the 2020 F1 season were also formally ratified by the FIA World Motor Sports Council.

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2020 F1 season

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  • 9 comments on “FIA approves new Return to Racing F1 rules package”

    1. Could you post the details, rather than rushing breathlessly to a summary?

      1. Or at least post sauce so we can read the details ourselves

        1. +1

          Article was a bit pointless

    2. By the time they return this bug won’t even be classed as a pandemic…

      1. Tell that to family members who have crossed the line of such awful circumstances for which they died from.
        How is it you have such wisdom and knowledge. Better stick to Grand Prix Racing your beliefs are foolish.
        I’m sorry to say that too. We are all sensitive.

      2. Events in the Americas, Africa and parts of Asia suggest otherwise. Even parts of Europe are in a second wave right now.

    3. Not really worried about the details, as long as F1 has a plan and goes racing soon, i’ll be happy:)

    4. @keithcollantine could you clarify whether or not the rule changes applied only for races affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (Races with no fans etc) or whether some only were for that purpose and others are to apply to F1 ongoing?

      It seemed like some of the rules in the package were those that will apply to all F1 activities, regardless of the pandemic situation. Those like the limits on aero testing, or are these separate limits specifically for this period?

    5. These include limits on the number of engine software versions

      Isn’t the software given to customer teams supposed to be the same as what the manufacturer’s team uses? Also, does the limit in engine software versions allow for where you have a situation like at Williams, where the team makes (or sources) their own gearbox and not the engine manufacturer’s preferred gearbox?

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