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Hamilton expects show of unity from drivers ahead of Austrian GP

2020 Austrian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton expects all drivers to make a show of unity ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, but said it won’t necessarily involve them ‘taking a knee’.

Competitors in other sports have made the gesture in recent weeks in support of the anti-racism protests which arose in America and other countries following the death of George Floyd.

Hamilton, whose Mercedes team have repainted their car black and added the slogan ‘end racism’ to highlight their commitment to improving diversity, said he is “sure” the drivers will make some kind of pre-race gesture on Sunday.

“It’s going to be the first race,” he said. “I think already as a team, we have shown quite a big acknowledgement of where we are in society today and that we are not standing still, we are moving ahead. It will be interesting to see if any other team is doing anything.

“But we will, I’m sure, as drivers all stand to represent something.”

Lando Norris previously indicated drivers will discuss what they might do in their meeting tomorrow.

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“We haven’t all spoken [yet],” said Hamilton. “I’m sure that during this weekend we will.

“It’s not something that’s been on top of my mind. I’ve been asked the question multiple times, and it’s not really been a priority for me have a plan to kneel at the start line. So we’ll see [on] Sunday.

“I think whatever we do, we’ll try to do it united. I think it’s really important that we remain united, or we become united I would say also in this sport. We really do have to fight for the injustices and the inequality.”

Hamilton said it’s important drivers do more than make one-off references to the issue on social media and continue to keep it in the public consciousness.

“It’s not enough to just take a moment to post ‘Blackout Tuesday’ or whatever it may be and then go back to our regular lives,” he said. “It has to continue.

“We have to stay on it. Black people don’t have the privilege of being able to take a moment out. It’s something we have to stay on top of, the industry has to stay on top of. We all have to come together in our voices.

“Each of us, our voices are powerful and if we bring them together collectively, we can have huge impact. So I do think it’s sustainable if we all stay on it.”

Image: Mercedes via Twitter

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15 comments on “Hamilton expects show of unity from drivers ahead of Austrian GP”

  1. It would be fantastic to see before the start of the first race Hamilton standing at the front of the grid and every driver bending a knee in front of him. It would make a very powerful message that racism has to end and we are all equal.

    1. Er……….
      Did you actually picture this before you typed it?
      This is a joke right?

    2. Yeah totally. And next race let it be Perez at the front and the others are kept behind a wall.

      1. And the race after that, Kvyat should make a statement for gay marriage.

        1. And we finish off with the French drivers waving the white flag and not competing for the rest of the season.

          1. Sergey Martyn
            2nd July 2020, 21:04

            Wearing yellow vests

          2. NeverElectric
            2nd July 2020, 21:57

            HAHAHAHA! Oh Lord, my ribs!

  2. Sergey Martyn
    2nd July 2020, 20:49

    Can he breathe?

  3. Come on..take a knee..you know you want to.

  4. I wonder whether or not, given the current situation, and driver would be comfortable doing anything other than showing Hamilton support.

    The press would have a field day.

    What disappoints me a lot is that the press, or a lot of it, demonised the NFL player and his colleagues that started the practice of “taking a knee” in the first place. That’s when it should have had the world and the US media solidly alongside him. They should not have had to wait until now.

    1. should read “any driver” not “and driver” – you’d think by now I’d proof ready what I wrote before hitting “post”

  5. We need to fight for diversity by making sure everyone says and does the same. We need to fight for tolerance by attacking those that disagree with our beliefs, which are the only correct ones.

    1. Sergey Martyn
      3rd July 2020, 19:32

      Very well said. Yeah, they are following the path of the Soviet Union’s disintegration – the more dimwits take a knee the faster they go down all the way to Hell.

      1. Oftentimes you can judge the validity of a comment by the quality of the supporting replies.

  6. Stewart Moir
    3rd July 2020, 22:13

    Here’s a novel idea. Shut up, get in your car, and drive it.

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