Mercedes W11 in its new 'end racism' livery, Red Bull Ring, 2020

Pictures: Mercedes’ new black ‘end racism’ livery up close

2020 F1 season

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Mercedes’ W11 has been seen in its new black livery ahead of the start of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix.

The car will run in its new guide for the rest of the 2020 F1 season. The change has come about to acknowledge the team’s desire to support the fight against racism and promote diversity. It carries the slogan ‘end racism’ on its Halo.

Lewis Hamilton has played an active and vocal role in encouraging others in Formula 1 to speak out against racism, and urged Mercedes to do more to take a stance on the matter following the killing of George Floyd in May.

“I think it is a shame that it’s taken another death of a black man in the States to kind of really kick-start this all,” he said in an FIA press conference ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix today.

“I’ve personally had to spend a lot time trying to also educate myself to make sure that I am fully up to date with everything that’s been past and what is present. I think it’s positive to see that the people are reacting and do want to see more people being more proactive.”

The ‘end racism’ slogan features prominently on the W11
Formula 1 has also announced its own initiative to promotive diversity, called ‘#WeRaceAsOne’, which is being heavily promoted around the Red Bull Ring and on rival teams’ cars this weekend.

“I think Formula 1 have been great,” said Hamilton. “I spent a lot time on the phone with them, doing Zoom calls, talking about their plans and how we can move forwards united.

“I spent a lot of time talking with Mercedes and it’s great to see them on board and being part of this process of shifting and focussing on equality and inclusivity.”

Hamilton has repeatedly urged others in the sport to support the cause. “There are a lot of people that just take a moment to say something, to post Blackout Tuesday, but they’re not really doing much [else],” he said.

“I’ve definitely not heard anything from any of the other teams, as far as I’m aware. And the call-out was really for everyone in this industry.

“There’s so many great jobs here, there’s so many opportunities, but none so far, or very, very few opportunities been shown to minorities. And so I think that we really do have to push, more needs to be done for sure.

“But it is a starting point, and I won’t stop pushing until we really see change. Seeing one person of colour added to the paddock is not diversity.

“So we’ve really got to dig deep, we’ve really got to pull together and do what we can to shift this.”

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Pictures: New Mercedes ‘end racism’ livery

2020 F1 season

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12 comments on “Pictures: Mercedes’ new black ‘end racism’ livery up close”

  1. It looks even better than it did on the renders – I dare say the Mercedes has come closest to reviving the spirit of once mighty and all-conquering Lotus in terms of livery. A welcome surprise.

    1. Angela Davies
      4th July 2020, 21:28

      This is very upsetting Lewis is milking this the chain round his neck how can you Mercedes approve this ? He’s racking it in big PR stunt not worthy of your brand very sad indeed

  2. 1994 Sauber.

  3. A real statement would have been Ferrari going with a black livery with red highlights.

  4. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    2nd July 2020, 21:46

    Opposed to a comment above, I think it looked great on the renders, but just looks simple in real life. That’s what opinions are about.

  5. It just doesn’t look like Mercedes.

    1. i think it look sgreat and not a ruin to the mercedes name but they can’t really be the silver arrows now

  6. Stunning out in the Sun! I think it doesnt gotoo far away from silver because the reflections trick the eye that it’s silvery. I had doubts but this is definitelythe best Mercedes Livery and now the best one on the grid.

  7. There’s still quite a lot of empty space on their car, so they should put also “End Hunger”, “End Poverty”, “End Hate”, “End Greed”, “End Violence”, “End Pollution”, “End Waste” messages. So many pressing problems solved.

    1. “End Black on Black Killings” …but apparently those lives don’t matter….

  8. I think that the three-pointed stars on the side look really ugly. The big red airbox also really clashes with the turquoise from that angle. It does look nice from the front (straight up or at an angle).

    I probably will take some getting used to when at speed, although that cars are probably easy to recognize by the turquoise.

  9. Tom Hawkins
    3rd July 2020, 8:47

    They should have gone for a simple black and white scheme, like the livery Arrows ran in 1998 which still looks as stunningly beautiful now as it did back then.

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