New socially-distanced podium ceremony to take place at start/finish line

2020 Austrian Grand Prix

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Formula 1 has confirmed details of how the podium ceremony will be conducted following today’s Austrian Grand Prix while complying with social distancing restrictions.

Teams are being required to keep within their own ‘bubbles’ and not mix with members of rival squads, in order to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. The podium ceremony has therefore been revised to minimise contact between the top three drivers in today’s race.

Instead of using the podium area at the Red Bull Ring, the ceremony will instead take place on the start/finish straight.

“Other than the team mechanics (with cooling fans if necessary), officials and FIA pre-approved television crews and the three FIA approved photographers, no one else will be allowed in the
designated area at this time (no driver physios nor team PR personnel),” the FIA confirmed in a statement.

Portable scales will be brought onto the track in order for the drivers to be weighed, to ensure compliance with the regulations. Post-race interviews will then be conducted by Jenson Button.

Water and towels will be delivered to the drivers using “a remote-control trolley”.

The podium procedures for some of this weekend’s support races have taken place in front of the garages in the pit lane.

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3 comments on “New socially-distanced podium ceremony to take place at start/finish line”

  1. Another thoughtful plan making sure Formula One leads by example.
    My how Things have changed.
    But The Celebration itself has changed many times over the years. Today’s new version may last until a world cure is available to all so finally we can go take in the spectacle everyone misses so badly
    Let the new celebration mature a bit so it becomes better than what we used to do. I’m optimistic. Like the new VIDEO open to race weekends, it also has improved. I celebrate the season by already seeing that the Black Mercedes is in a Special Class of It’s own. Missed the Silver at first but must eat some Crow now by saying this all black Mercedes is an AWESOME looking Racecar and destine for history.
    So Formula One adjusts how it presents itself. What’s new will become regular stuff soon. I welcome it.

  2. Ceremonies were always akward at best, in that respect, I dont see much change.

  3. Try taking a knee in China…

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