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Kubica to make first practice outing for Alfa Romeo at Styrian GP

2020 F1 season

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Robert Kubica will make his first appearance in a Formula 1 race weekend since last year in this weekend’s Styrian Grand Prix.

The Alfa Romeo driver will appear for the team in Friday’s practice session at the Red Bull Ring. Kubica already has experience of the C39, having driven it in pre-season testing.

“I am looking forward to returning to action this weekend, especially after the long break the whole world of motorsport had to observe,” said Kubica. “My objective, as always, is to provide as much data as possible for our engineers and to give them my feedback from within the cockpit.

“This weekend will be quite a new experience for everyone, racing in the same venue we were on just a few days ago, so it will be a matter of refining all the data we collected over the course of the Austrian Grand Prix and testing the adjustments we want to make to the cars.”

Kubica will drive Antonio Giovinazzi’s car in the first practice session. Giovinazzi finished ninth in Sunday’s race at the same circuit, while team mate Kimi Raikkonen retired after his car shed a wheel following a pit stop.

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2020 F1 season

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