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Vettel confirms discussions over move to Aston Martin in 2021

2020 F1 season

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Sebastian Vettel confirmed he has had “loose talks” with Racing Point over the possibility of joining the team in 2021, when it will become Aston Martin.

The four-times world champion will leave Ferrari at the end of 2020. While some reports have claimed he is poised to sign a deal with Racing Point for next year, during today’s FIA press conference he described his contact with them so far as “just talks”.

“I said last week that obviously I’ve been in talks with Renault, for example, so I think it’s all sort of just talks,” he said.

“I think at a later stage with anyone, then it would get a bit more concrete. But at this stage the truth is that there’s nothing to announce and nothing more concrete than just loose talks.”

Vettel said he intends to take his time over any decision on his future.

“If you ask about Racing Point, I think everybody’s talking about Racing Point. I think the first two races have been impressive, the performance on track.

“But when it comes to myself then as I said, there’s no news, nothing that has changed within a week. And I said last time that it will probably take some time, most importantly for myself to make the right decision for myself. And then once there is something to announce, or something to say, then I think that will be the right time in the future to do so.

“But anything at this stage is still open. Driving next year, not driving next year and maybe coming back or not driving any more and, I don’t know, doing something different. So I’m not feeling pressure to make my decision too quickly.”

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2020 F1 season

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16 comments on “Vettel confirms discussions over move to Aston Martin in 2021”

  1. Seb-Lance. British racing green. Loop-holes galore in the regs. Makes you feel sorry for Leclerc stuck with Ferrari.

    1. Pedro Andrade
      16th July 2020, 17:59

      Feel much worse for Perez, if Stroll keeps his seat over him it will be a travesty.

        1. If Lance doesn’t do a decent job i think he finds him as reserve driver… it’s just bussines he will understand.

          1. Exactly @macleod this is his fourth season and I think he knows by now he doesn’t have the necessary speed, plus he’s just 21 he can definitely sit out a season or two and then come back (probably as a better driver too!)

  2. I’m at a total loss which Vettel quote warranted this headline.
    Feel like I’ve been baited.

    1. You wont believe which 9 motorsports teams have offered Sebastian Vettel a drive!! (#7 will blow your mind)

      1. Ha Ha, I get dragged into reading those and usually never see the headline.

  3. How can he still be so rated? He has spun by himself in the last 10 races i think!

    The last teammate he beat was webber!

    1. This is the most puzzling thing to me. Also I don’t understand how Vettel being with any team generates hype for them, especially looking at his last 3 seasons.

      1. Aston Martin secures 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel to drive for them in their first season since 1960

        That headline basically writes itself @rockgod

        1. Only people who don’t follow F1 in recent years would fall for that @paeschli. Agreed, there are many around the world that fit that criterion, but what’s the next step for Aston Martin after grabbing all that initial attention? How will they get the return on their investment if their 4-time WDC keeps spinning all by himself in the mid-field battles?

  4. Racing point will have to make up their mind. Are they a serious race team, or just a billionaire play thing for Stroll jr. If they are the former then it should be bye bye to the young Stroll and keep two top drivers to help them into the next level.

  5. Can’t see Racing Point dropping Perez for a slower driver.

  6. It’d be a shame if they drop Perez… setting aside the debate of who the better driver, Perez is getting the maximum out of the car on most weekends and is well experienced with the team

  7. Seb and Serg would be a solid team. Kick out the muppet Stroll hogging a good seat!

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