Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2020

Red Bull handling better after upgrades – Verstappen

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen said his car “looked better and also felt better” in practice at Silverstone.

What they say

Verstappen was encouraged by the balance of his Red Bull in practice:

It was not a bad day for us. I think the car is working a bit better so I’m happy with that. Of course I think you can still improve so we’ll work on that.

But I think also on the long run it was looking quite decent. So overall a positive day.

We just keep trying parts on the car, we keep bringing new bits. It seems like they are working so I’m happy with that.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

@Sebsronnie is pleased to see Nico Hulkenberg back in F1:

Not sure why this appointment made me so happy but it sure did. A podium would probably send me into a frenzy.

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Happy birthday to Jack Lenox!

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  • 9 comments on “Red Bull handling better after upgrades – Verstappen”

    1. I wonder if todays events will make Hulkenberg the de facto stand in should another driver get covid?

      If his contract with Racing Point is only for the next 2 events then surely he’d be the best possible driver available for any team should a similar situation arise. While I really hope we get no more positive cases all round, I wonder if the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari – which all have contracted drivers racing for other F1 teams – would consider keeping tabs on Hulkenberg instead of promoting one of their own.

      1. Agreed. Hulk is easily the safest bet if a team needs a stand-in. He was in F1 as recently as last year, so there isn’t much he needs to do in order to get up to speed other than just getting used to how the car feels on track. The teams wouldn’t want to call up an F2 driver who has very limited, if any, experience in an F1 car midseason. And I highly doubt a top team would demand one of their junior drivers move up to them if they’re in F1 already. I can’t imagine Mercedes telling Williams to give up George Russell for the time being if Hamilton or Bottas test positive. As nice as it would be to see George get a chance in a Merc, it would leave Williams scrambling. Only team that may do that is Red Bull since they’re willing to do it even in normal times.

        1. It’s purely my speculation, but I think if Mercedes need a replacement for a race or maybe two, Russel is the obvious choice. From Mercedes perspective, he is one of their juniors, he has driven their cars in practice and done well, and he is in the loop and totally up to speed by now. Williams would be glad to see Russel do ok in a top car, which I think he would. Sure, they wouldn’t want to let him go for the rest of the season, but a chance to get some headlines around their star driver and further cement their good relations with Mercedes could only be positive for them.

          1. That seems like a good choice to be able to evaluate Russel’s ability in a top car, in an actual race.

          2. More importantly, a chance to get a big stack of cash from Mercedes.

    2. Has anyone realized the symmetry:

      2018: Checo forces Ocon out of Racing Point (and F1) by taking legal action
      2019: Ocon replaces Hulk (and F1) at Renault
      2020: Hulk replaces Checo (and F1, tempoerarily) as Checo contracts COVID-19

    3. Williams still talking up no progress as real progress. Is the sale not going well? Williams behaving with buyers as if they are doing them a favour, perhaps?

    4. Thanks @keithcollantine for the comment of the day. My very first ever since I started following this site (shortly after it started many years ago).

    5. I’d like to see them just change the tracks so track limit penalties are impossible. They need to have a small strip of low grip material beyond the limit of the track so the car loses grip when the tyre touches it. It only needs to be a meter wide.

      This is not an original comment.

      It’s just so much simpler than having a group of stewards watching a load of video replays.

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