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Pre-race ‘end racism recognition’ to continue throughout season

2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

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Formula 1’s official ‘end racism recognition’, which was introduced at last weekend’s British Grand Prix, will be repeated ahead of today’s race and at all rounds of this year’s world championship.

Drivers gathered to signal their opposition to racism prior to the start of the first race of the year in Austria. However subsequent similar gestures were less well organised, prompting criticism.

In response the FIA introduced a formal procedure for the ceremony last week. This will form the template for similar procedures at future races, though RaceFans understands it may be modified at some events to ensure any local sensitivities regarding the issue are respected.

Today’s ceremony will be unchanged from last week’s as far as the ‘end racism’ aspect is concerned. The ‘thank you NHS’ aeroplane flypast seen last Sunday does not feature in this week’s schedule.

Lewis Hamilton was among the critics of the shambolic ceremony which took place at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and raised the matter with FIA president Jean Todt and Formula 1 chairman and CEO Chase Carey in the days afterwards.

He described the new arrangement as “a lot more professional” last week. “I think that Formula 1 did a much, much better job after a lot of discussion, a lot of talking last week about how we can come together and do a better job,” said Hamilton.

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11 comments on “Pre-race ‘end racism recognition’ to continue throughout season”

  1. And this time Lewis stands out of solidarity with Charles for all the flak he’s gotten?

    1. Why Leclerc? Ham, Norris and Leclerc are all being accused of being racist. And probably others too. Norris took most of the abuse before the season even restarted.
      Don’t like flak? Do a Seb and stay off social media. Because that cesspool will never clean itself up.

    2. Think he’s a bit busier standing for worldwide racial injustice rather than a spoilt little monegasque who got annoyed at Twitter.

      Wouldn’t expect a comment of any greater calibre from you though.

  2. End Racism Recognition? Whatever PR team thought that up should be fired, unless their aim was to be purposefully confusing or vague to avoid nit pickers somehow accusing their end racism program name of being offensive. It can only be called offensively anodyne.

    1. Agreed. Keep politics and this crap out of sport.

  3. John Ballantyne
    9th August 2020, 11:21

    The fickle world will turn against this in the same way as it has against face masks and will turn against a Coved-19 when it appears. If F1 is going to be involved in this movement then DO something real and worthy. e.g. a multi cultural racing related activity or training program, or sponsor racially disadvantaged youngsters through engineering related trade schools or uni courses. “Taking a knee” will mean bugger all well before the end of the season.

  4. I really wish they’d do more. Nothing against it but with the money, platform and power F1 and a lot of its drivers have I just think if you’re committed to doing something about racial inequality – and inequality in general, they actually can? I mean it’s barely a step above thoughts and prayers.

    1. F1 is a racing organization, not a government, they are under no obligation, nor should they, engage in any diversity stuff. The top tiers of sport are there because the people there are the best at their craft, trying to push someone into a high level based in anything but skill is grossly destructive to the sport.

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t agree with this. It’s very dificult to speak about subject like this, because many people can offend with or without a reason.
    Everyone can say what they want, but they don’t push to others to speak in the same direction than they wish, and Hamilton’s doing it! He’s mixing sports with politics. Everytime that I see him raise his fist, I see him more like a fanatic than a leader.

  6. The pre-recorded portion felt oddly undercooked. All they managed to get out of Kimi was, “I stand—“ and it was surreal. Would’ve probably preferred nothing to a waffling, emotionless last-minute video.

  7. I thought was a one-time thing, a nod of respect sweeping the world. Sport people making their sign of respect also, and now, we move on back to the business of F1? This is not to be continued on like a Vespers is it? I am concerned it could become a shambolic embarrassment. You know – drivers. However, if it is something FOM feel they want to do for every race this year, and if they have such a decision and a group plan, I am sure fans will be mostly supportive. I am fine with it, but already, the good point has been made perhaps.

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