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Vettel was “lucky” to get through Q1 after mistake

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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Sebastian Vettel said he was lucky to make it into the second round of qualifying at Mugello after making a mistake on his final lap in Q1.

The Ferrari driver had to correct a snap of oversteer in the middle of Luco, the left-handed second corner on the track. Despite reaching Q2, he was unable to progress any further, dropping out before Q3 for the fifth race in a row.

“Obviously I’m not happy,” said Vettel after qualifying.

“I had a mistake in Q1 and then with the mistake I was still able to go through. So that’s why I was quite, I would say, lucky.

“But after that we didn’t really have a big step forward. So we’ll have a look, but we’ll see what can do tomorrow.”

Vettel has been consistently out-qualified by team mate Charles Leclerc so far this season. Leclerc took fifth on the grid for Sunday’s race while Vettel could only manage 14th place.

“It’s not yet working my way,” he said. “I tried to obviously do small steps at a time. I think today was another small step.

“For sure tomorrow is going to be difficult, being so far back, showing the true pace in the race. But we will try.”

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2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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    7 comments on “Vettel was “lucky” to get through Q1 after mistake”

    1. Aston Martin have written a clause in Seb’s new contract: spin in quality or lap I of a race and you’re out.

      1. I would think it would be the opposite. “Perform poorly regularly so we can make Stroll look better”.

    2. A few things. Did leclerk have new parts or chassis ? Did better purposefully make sure Ferrari ends up behind force India ?

    3. quali for God’s sake

    4. Why is he so far behind LEC every week? All other teams seem to qualify both cars much closer. Need analysis on grid spot differential per team for the season.

    5. And this will put a stop to the ones (like my father) saying he would improve as soon as he signed for force india, he’s just terrible no matter what.

      1. I guarantee Ferrari is dead set in making better look bad. No one in formula 1 is that bad against a team mate if the team is favoring the other driver on car design and behavior.

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