Nicholas Latifi, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2020

Qualifying “obviously the biggest shortfall” in Latifi’s debut season

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In the round-up: Nicholas Latifi admits he needs to improving his performance in qualifying in his second season in Formula 1.

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Latifi was out-qualified by regular team mate George Russell on every Saturday during 2020:

Obviously very up and down. I think it’s been a big learning year. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I think it’s highlighted some areas that need to improve, highlighted some areas that I know I’m strong in and I’m looking forward to next year.

What have I learnt that I can go into next year? That I need to sort my Saturdays out. That’s obviously been the biggest shortfall in me this year, just not putting it together. That’s what we’ve got to do it on some.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Does Cyril Abiteboul’s departure from Renault suggest a Red Bull reunion may now be on the cards?

Out he goes having achieved not that much… Oversaw the decline of two F1 teams in post 2010 Renault, then Caterham. Completely ruined the successful Red Bull-Renault partnership. Followed by overstating and missing all his targets in “rebuilding” Renault.

Yet I still wouldn’t be surprised if he manages to stick around in some capacity somehow.

I wonder if Ricciardo was hinting at this when he mentioned earlier this year that there is no reason Red Bull and Renault couldn’t reunite.
Tristan (@Skipgamer)

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  • Born on this day in 1962: Future Le Mans 24 Hours winner and F1 driver Emanuele Pirro

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5 comments on “Qualifying “obviously the biggest shortfall” in Latifi’s debut season”

  1. Ferrari is so mysogynist, pirelli? Girls should get to pick their boots.
    Jokes aside. Nobody praises the FIA and Ferrari for trying to allure the other half of the world to f1.

  2. I don’t think Red Bull should go back to Renault. I think going with the Honda IP is the only right thing to do. I know people assume they’ll not be able to develop if there’s no freeze, but I don’t think that’s a given. If they have the IP, if they get the Milton-Keynes facility, if they manage to take on some of the Honda personnel that might want to stay in the UK, and supplement that with an experienced engine developer like Mugen, or Ilmor, than that is surely the better option for them.

    Yes, it’s in an investment, but I don’t think Dieter has ever been adverse against investing, and he has resources to relocate because of the budget cap either way. Setting up this and then slowly building towards a full engine development for the future is better than going back to Renault at this point. There’s nothing to be gained from going back to a customer engine just because Abiteboul has gone, why assume anything will change? Lets not pretend McLaren didn’t run for the hills either, even if they’re not as vocal about it as Red Bull tends to be, but there’s obviously something in the Renault customer relation that is not beneficial to the customer team, because why else would you be Merc’s 4th customer team rather than the sole Renault customer?

    1. why else would you be Merc’s 4th customer team rather than the sole Renault customer?

      Maybe (part of) that reason is now leaving Renault.

      PS 15 years ago today: I always fondly remember when the round-up was still “Your daily digest of F1 news, views, features and more from hundreds of sites across the web”, rather than an empty quote and some social media posts.

      1. @coldfly RE:this. do you know of a way of accessing pages on this site that are that old, other than endlessly scrolling through older and older pages?

        1. There is no easy way, but you can use 3 ‘tricks’, @alfa145.
          All of them require you to have a faint idea when you read it:
          1) use the search function (top right), and use a fairly unique term that you know/assume was used. Note that the search function does not include the comment section
          2) if you commented on the article (and recall roughly what you said) you can scroll through your own comments. Or
          3) use the ‘tags’ used by Keith under each article. This words if you only want to see articles from the ’round-ups’ or from a specific GP.

          But then again you can also use the power of Google and do a Google web-search. Good but not complete
          e.g. these are articles with comments or mentions by you in December 2020:“&tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:12/1/2020,cd_max:12/31/2020
          (interestingly you still need to search the domain)

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