Norris free of Covid-19 symptoms and set to return home

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In the round-up: Lando Norris has completed his quarantine period in Dubai following his positive test for Covid-19 earlier this month and is preparing to return to the United Kingdom.

Norris completes Covid-19 quarantine

Norris announced on social media on January 5th he had tested positive for Covid-19 after losing his senses of taste and smell. As he was in Dubai at the time he was required by local rules to self-isolate in his hotel room for 14 days.

Norris has now completed his quarantine and is symptom-free, a team spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans. He will return to the UK in the next few days, providing he tests negative for Covid-19, as is now required by the UK since its ‘travel corridor’ to Dubai which previously exempted testing is now closed.

Norris will have to self-isolate on his return in accordance with the UK’s Covid-19 restrictions. As he qualifies as an elite sportsperson, exemptions will permit him to attend the team’s factory in person for work he cannot complete remotely.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc separately tested positive for Covid-19 one week ago.

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Comment of the day

After Daniil Kvyat’s F1 career came to an end in Abu Dhabi, Tony Mansell praises his recovery from the 2016 setback of losing his Red Bull drive:

He got himself off the floor of being sacked and deserves immense credit for that, I’ve rarely seen a driver so publicly destroyed by his failure. What we were left with though, was a loss of his youthful exuberance, and maybe pace, with solid but lacklustre drives.

As much as F1 is brutal, the man lasted seven seasons and got three podiums. Aged 26 he must feel he has way more in him and he’ll likely be doing the rounds of Formula E/Le Mans/IndyCar like other sons of ex-F1s and ex-F1s. Just he was probably rather hoping that would be at 36 not 26.
Tony Mansell

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On this day in F1

  • 65 years ago today reigning world champion Juan Manuel Fangio took pole position for the season-opening race in Buenos Aires, driving a former Lancia D55 chassis now entered by Ferrari

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9 comments on “Norris free of Covid-19 symptoms and set to return home”

  1. I don’t know of Ocon trying rallying before. Will he be told to go easy?
    Yesterday I was trying to predict who would be the 1st driver to miss a race this season. I’ve now changed my mind…

    1. @eurobrun No need to worry. He won’t take part in the actual rally itself nor drive an actual rally car.

  2. Dean Stoneman is one of motor racing’s great “what if’s” for me. He seemed to have huge potential. He deserves huge credit for the fact that he has beaten cancer and rebuilt his career as a professional racing driver.

  3. Re ‘On this day’, the Lancia taken over by Ferrari was of course the D50, not a D55.

  4. The first time reading on the Ocon news yesterday, I got misled by the title. Of course, he won’t take part in the actual rally nor drive a rally car, so not quite the same.

    So Mercedes will start to use updated race bays elsewhere in the factory.

  5. Re Drugovich: That must be hard to get to São Paulo and back.

  6. Interesting to think that the first BAR cars came out of those bays. They do look a bit closeted and in need of expansion

  7. The way Vettel goes on about not having a manager and doing it all himself sort and how it was ‘great’ for his personality, and how he has no regrets, sort of indicates it’s all double-speak and he wish he would have had a manager who could have steered him toward Mercedes and made him history’s best (as he is known to be into F1 history and stats).

  8. Racing Point 2-1 McLaren: Classic match where Perez scored the winning goal at the 90th minute. Unforgettable act of revenge. HAH! XD

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