Red Bull to reveal new F1 car for 2021 on Tuesday

2021 F1 season

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Red Bull has confirmed details of its launch plans for the 2021 F1 season.

The team will present its new RB16B on February 23rd. It will be the fourth team to launch its new car for 2021: McLaren and AlphaTauri revealed their new chassis this week and Alfa Romeo are due to present their C41 in Poland on Monday.

Red Bull finished runner-up in the constructors championship to Mercedes last year. Max Verstappen scored both the team’s victories, including in the season finale at Yas Marina. Sergio Perez has joined him in place of Alexander Albon for the new season.

The team is entering its final season alongside engine supplier Honda, which will leave Formula 1 at the end of the year. However Red Bull have confirmed they will continue to use their current power units beyond the end of 2021. Honda has produced an upgraded engine for its final season in the sport.

A new division, Red Bull Powertrains, is being established at its Milton Keynes base to run the engines from the 2022 F1 season.

Red Bull’s announcement leaves Haas as the only team yet to confirm its launch plans for the new season.

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2021 F1 season

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  • 6 comments on “Red Bull to reveal new F1 car for 2021 on Tuesday”

    1. The sooner the better since Perez needs seat time in that car.

      1. @Jon Launch timing won’t make a difference to that. Pre-season testing doesn’t commence earlier than the 12th of next month anyway.

        1. Why was RIC in the McLaren at Silverstone then.

          1. Jon as the article here on the 16th showed, they were just doing an allowed ‘filming day’ it is called. Seems the article did have it slightly wrong in that the verbiage made it sound like Norris was driving on that day and DR would drive on another filming day, however, they showed pictures of DR driving it too, so they both must have driven it on that same day. Anyway it is not like they would have done anything meaningful such that they are now getting advantageous seat time ahead of the likes of Perez at RBR. That simply is not allowed, as ensured by the F1 regs. If DR had actually gotten meaningful seat time, we’d have heard the complaints from the rest of the teams. Rather, they will all get equal filming days, no doubt largely to take promo pics for example, for setting up their advertising and promotion ahead of the season start. Sure, the drivers start to get a tiny feel for the car, or for how well their seat feels, but truly nothing very significant at all that the other drivers will not also get.

    2. Bring on the best of the rest for sure. I hope with Sergio now this team will step forward with a two pronged attack.
      Win the championship this season? They will become part of the realistic top four who will actually be able to challenge Mercedes in 2021. The others being Alpine and McLaren or Renault.

      Gunna be good

      1. For sure. Interesting that you haven’t included Ferrari in your top 4. Not saying I necessarily disagree but wow, right? Given the resources they have. Although wait, now that I re-read your comment you’ve got Alpine and Mac or Renault but Alpine is Renault. Did you mean Ferrari?

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