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Alonso to race with titanium plates in his jaw throughout 2021

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Fernando Alonso says he is ready to return to action in testing tomorrow following his cycling crash last month.

The Alpine driver, who spent a weekend in hospital following an accident in February, said his injuries have not significantly affected his preparations to return.

“After the accident three weeks or four weeks ago, I had 10 days to relax at home,” said Alonso. “After the surgery I had to relax a little bit. But after I think nine, 10 days, I went back to a very normal routine and fitness preparation.

“I don’t expect any issues training. For now, I think three weeks or two weeks, [it’s been] absolutely normal. I have been in the simulator as well, Monday and Tuesday. So the preparations were not affected too much.”

The two-time world champion did reveal that he still has at least one further operation remaining on his jaw, which he fractured in the crash.

“One thing is the professional side and driving side, which is 100%.

“On the personal, I will have to remove two titanium plates that I have from the upper jaw that we get removed at the end of the season. So still something going on after the championship finishes.

“But as I said, it will not be affecting my professional life.”

Alonso missed the Alpine car launch last month due to his first procedure but reiterated he is prepared and eager to be in the car tomorrow.

“And then I missed the team launch because of the restrictions, at that time, they were quite tough between Switzerland and UK. But I was feeling fine and ready to go tomorrow in the car.

I missed only a couple of marketing days and filming days. And then I covered over everything yesterday afternoon so I had a very intense day yesterday on marketing activities. But I feel fine.”

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2021 F1 season

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13 comments on “Alonso to race with titanium plates in his jaw throughout 2021”

  1. Ouch. I’m really rooting for Alonso, but tegardless of his optimism, it is not good news in a sport in which it is often about tenths or hundredths of seconds. Lucky break for Ocon.

    1. Why ouch? He literally says he was back to normal training after 9 or 10 days and feels fine – a lot was being made of the “Alonso not at Alpine launch” story, but it was literally to do with covid travel restrictions.

      Fernando will be 100% to drive the wheels off that car come the first race weekend.

    2. As long as your aren’t…rooting canal for Alonso!

      I’ll see myself out…

  2. Looks like a scar on the upper lip. Fits with what his manager was saying about getting 2 front upper teeth knocked out.

    1. And I thought that was a moustache.
      Wonder if he gets any dispensation for the additional ballast.?

      1. And yes, we are rooting for him and expect that he will , as Luke S. suggested, “drive the wheels off the car.”
        This is going to be great to watch.

    2. And puffy looking, great outcome nonetheless
      It is obvious that he will race with plates, what is not obvious is whether he can run tomorrow, lot of G on the break and plates.

  3. Good news. My understanding of jaw breaks is that this might have been a far different story had it been his lower jaw. Those I believe are usually much more complicated. Must have been an awful shock when it happened nonetheless.

  4. So he didn’t run today? Tomorrow then?

    1. Yep. Alpine have gone for a full day each. I guess they will do a split day on Sunday.

    1. Mine is made of platinum and has been with me since 1985.
      3 Months on a líquid diet.. missed all the chritsmas food.

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