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IndyCar cancels Toronto street race for second year in a row


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IndyCar has announced the cancellation of its Toronto street race for the second year in a row.

The championship was due to hold its 11th round of 2021 at the street circuit on July 11th. It blamed “ongoing restrictions in Ontario focusing on Covid-19 health-and-safety measures” for the decision.

Penske Entertainment Corporation president and CEO Mark Miles said the race, which was first held in 1986, “is a hallmark of our summer schedule” and the series intends to return next year.

“To have that void for a second straight year is heartbreaking,” said Miles. “We deeply miss our fans there and urge them to remain safe during these unprecedented times.

“IndyCar looks forward to a high-powered return in 2022 and for years to come.”

The series indicated it will consider arranging a replacement event for the race. The fifth round of the championship will take place at the Indianapolis road course this weekend.

2021 IndyCar calendar

Round Date Circuit Type
1 18/4/2021 Barber Motorsports Park Road
2 25/4/2021 St Petersburg Street
3 1/5/2021 Texas Motor Speedway Oval
4 2/5/2021 Texas Motor Speedway Oval
5 15/5/2021 Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course Road
6 30/5/2021 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval
7 12/6/2021 Belle Isle Street
8 13/6/2021 Belle Isle Street
9 20/6/2021 Road America Road
10 4/7/2021 Mid-Ohio Road
11 8/8/2021 Nashville Street
12 14/8/2021 Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course Road
13 21/8/2021 Gateway Oval
14 12/9/2021 Portland Road
15 19/9/2021 Laguna Seca Road
16 26/9/2021 Long Beach Street

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2 comments on “IndyCar cancels Toronto street race for second year in a row”

  1. Stephen Higgins
    14th May 2021, 16:48

    I wonder why Indycar aren’t racing at COTA this year ?

    1. Because in exchange for hosting a race on IndyCar’s preferred date, Texas Motor Speedway was given temporary exclusivity for the Texas area.

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