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Leclerc fails to start Monaco Grand Prix despite overnight repairs

2021 Monaco Grand Prix

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Charles Leclerc was unable to start the Monaco Grand Prix after encountering problems with his repaired car on his reconnaissance lap before the race began.

The Ferrari driver’s car was repaired overnight following his crash at the end of qualifying. However on his first lap in the car while driving to the grid, Leclerc reported a problem with his gearbox.

Ferrari had decided against replacing his gearbox, which would have incurred a grid penalty and dropped him to sixth place.

On Saturday evening the team said initial inspection of the gearbox indicated it did not have “any serious damage”. On Sunday morning it confirmed the unit would not be replaced, stating “no apparent defects were found on Charles Leclerc’s gearbox”.

However the team later revealed a fault with the left driveshaft on the SF-21 had prevented Leclerc from starting the race.

The FIA confirmed the parts Ferrari replaced on Leclerc’s car, most of which were on the right-hand side, where he made contact with the barrier. They included the right-hand side rear corner assembly, but not the left.

Parts Ferrari changed on Leclerc’s car before the start

  • Front wing and nose assembly
  • Right-hand side front corner assembly
  • Right-hand side rear corner assembly
  • Front and rear brake friction material
  • Brake pump
  • Steering rack
  • Right-hand side turning vane
  • Right-hand side shark
  • Floor
  • Rear wing assembly

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2021 Monaco Grand Prix

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One comment on “Leclerc fails to start Monaco Grand Prix despite overnight repairs”

  1. Sheer incompetence of Ferrari coming to the fore. Sacrificing a high points finish Knoll . They looked very silly today.

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