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Red Bull’s head of aerodynamics moves to Aston Martin as technical director

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Red Bull has announced its head of aerodynamics, Dan Fallows, is to join rivals Aston Martin.

Fallows joined Red Bull in 2006, its second season in F1, and has headed up its aerodynamics division since 2014.

The move is the latest in a series of changes at Aston Martin, which yesterday confirmed the promotion of Andrew Green to the role of chief technical officer, and recently hired Luca Furbatto from Alfa Romeo as its new engineering director. Tom McCullough has been given the new title of performance director.

“As Andrew Green takes on this important strategic technical role, I am pleased to outline our new structure that will add real strength in depth to our technical operations,” said Aston Martin CEO Otmar Szafnauer.

“In Tom we have an experienced and talented engineer, who will continue to be responsible for trackside performance as well as the many factory-based performance functions. He is a strong leader, who has contributed a huge amount to the team’s success over the last eight years.

Fallows with Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in 2017
“With Luca Furbatto adding expertise to factory operations, focussed on the technical support areas, we have brought in another excellent people manager with great expertise in his areas of responsibility. Both men will report to Andrew Green, as will the soon to be appointed new technical director.”

Red Bull said Fallows will join their rivals once his current contract is complete, but did not state when that will be. “It goes without saying that Dan will be missed as he has played an important role during his time at Red Bull Racing and I would like to thank him for his contribution towards the team’s successes,” said CEO Christian Horner.

“We do however recognise that the chance to take on the role of technical director within a Formula 1 team is an appealing next step in his career. In turn, this move creates exciting internal progression opportunities as we look to the future and draw from the wealth of talent within the wider team.”

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9 comments on “Red Bull’s head of aerodynamics moves to Aston Martin as technical director”

  1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    25th June 2021, 12:18

    Interesting to see if/how much he already knew about the 2022-car from Red Bull aero-wise that he will take with him to Aston. Should be interesting!

    1. He may bring some stuff, but unlikely to have any effect on 2022 as he’s leaving at the end of the year.

      1. I am not sure he actually is leaving at the end of the year already @lejimster82. It seems it might be only sometime mid next year before he actually is able to joint AM.

        1. I would be surprised if he isn’t put on garden leave.

  2. I wonder if Aston have tried to poach Adrian Newey at some point … or may try to …

    1. A lot of team tried that but he was not interested to all offers.

    2. I doubt it will happen, I’m sure he gets paid well and gets to work on projects outside of F1 if he feels like it. I think Red Bull are willing to give him a lot of freedom in his role.

  3. petebaldwin (@)
    25th June 2021, 15:36

    That’s great news for Mercedes. Perhaps some drawings might head the other way this time….

  4. Quite a scoop for Aston Martin.

    Fallows was incidentally the guy that was going to move to McLaren (even a contract I believe), but changed his mind when he heard Ron Dennis had replaced Whitmarsh, hehe

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