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Williams points haul “fills me with pride” – Russell

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Having not scored points for more than two years with Williams, George Russell says the team can now take advantage of opportunities after taking ninth place in the Italian Grand Prix.

Williams are currently eighth in the world constructors’ championship, with 22 points. After scoring just a single point during 2019 and none at all in 2020, that now beats their previous three seasons’ haul.

Russell, who finished ninth to score two points at the Italian Grand Prix, said that he felt the team had finally found ways to take opportunities for points, even without improved pace.

“I think this is what the team do incredibly well, just making the most of other people’s mishaps, strategically and capitalising from it,” Russell said. “Because we know where the pace of the car is but we’ve now found ourselves three races in the points, probably without the pace to do so.

“As a team, we’ve definitely done something right and it fills me with a lot of pride to keep on bringing these results home.”

He said that the team’s breakthrough weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix had set their current run in motion. “Having scored those first points in Budapest, it’s almost a relief on everybody’s shoulders and now everyone can just go out, week in, week out and just try to maximise the package.

“Maybe roll the dice slightly and try a few new things to just to try and find more performance and get a better result. So just keep them coming.

“I think we’re just doing things right now and everybody’s got confidence. Week after week, we’ve just got this momentum. So, yeah, really pleased we’re on this journey at the moment.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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    8 comments on “Williams points haul “fills me with pride” – Russell”

    1. Prof, an excellent driver will push a team forward, only a matter of time.

      Leclerc did same for Sauber.

      1. Sorry, accidentally reported this comment

    2. To be honest, Latifi deserved the points instead today… George got lucky with the safety car timing. Probably one of his weakest weekends of the year.

      1. In a way it’s odd how that went, when on strong weekends he also quite often has lucked out of pionts @tflb, and now he gets points (over a teammate that seemed to have a good weekend), when not at his best.

    3. Kind of missed some of the details here with everything else going on, but Latifi was running in the points early on and looked like the best bet for the team in this race. Maybe Russell benefited from the timing of the safety car I think? Either way, good to see the team now close enough to the regular points scorers that they can grab a few when things go their way.

      1. @keithedin Latifi was passed by Bottas on his way up the order and then, as you say, got unlucky with safety car timings. Russell did also talk up the job he’s doing at the team. (see tonight’s round-up!)

    4. Russell is still behind Yuki Tsunoda in points so lets not get carried away with his fluke spa non race 2nd. Clearly the 2021 car is better than the 2020 junk resulting from new ownership but he has been robbed of many more points this year no thanks due to the Williams rubbish race pace vs quali .

      Its also criminal that talentless rich pay driver Latifi is racing for them next season, It proves that Williams are not seriously interested in competing and are still a cash grab pay-to-play team with a seat for the highest bigger

      1. WHile I think Russell is rather over rated, being behind Tsunoda simply is down to the car not being good enough.

        Latifi has been better than you imply. He beat him on merit in Hungary, and would have today as well if not for his bad luck. basically, in the two actual races williams scored in, Latifi deserved to be ahead in both, which honestly makes me question why Russell doesn’t seem to be on top form when points are on offer.

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