Raikkonen announces he will return at next race

2021 Russian Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen has indicated he expects to return to action at the next round of the world championship, the Russian Grand Prix.

The Alfa Romeo driver posted a social media which said: “I am all good. See you at the next GP.”

Raikkonen sat out the last two rounds after testing positive for Covid-19 ahead of qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix. The team’s reserve driver Robert Kubica stood in for him, finishing 15th at Zandvoort at 14th yesterday at Monza.

Kubica said after yesterday’s race he expected Raikkonen would return to drive at the next round.

“On my mind is that tomorrow I have to pack and the Tuesday I’m flying to Spa and I have my ELMS race, we are fighting there for championships,” he said.

“So I do the debrief, have a rest tomorrow and focus on the ELMS. What the future will bring, I don’t know, but I hope I Kimi will recover and I will be back available for the team as I have been for one year and three-quarters.”

Prior to his absence Raikkonen announced he will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season. The Russian Grand Prix is due to be the first of his final eight races.

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9 comments on “Raikkonen announces he will return at next race”

  1. Pretty clear cut, given how many days will have passed since Dutch GP QLF day.

  2. Like Zlatan. If Kimi announces it is meant to happen.

      1. you winked at your own comment?

        1. It was suppose to be 1 comment. Still waiting for the edit…

          1. And we only got “Report Comment”. Not enough. Just not enough. Give us “Edit” for registered users.

  3. I hoped Kimi enjoyed the break, wouldn’t be too surprised if Kimi shows up refreshed being away from the press and having a little time to think about this being his last season.

    Congrats to Kubica for his two drives, must have felt awesome for him to be back in the seat racing and he didn’t do too bad, brought the car home both times and again finished right behind Gio. This is probably the last time we see him race in F1 but at least he got a couple of races in.

  4. Ahah, at first I read will return next year, and I thought, why even announcing the retirement then?

  5. Can’t wait to see Iceman in Sochi!

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