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Stroll reaches eight penalty points after Gasly clash

2021 Russian Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll has collected two penalty points on his licence for a collision with Pierre Gasly during the Russian Grand Prix.

The Aston Martin driver was also given a 10-second time penalty for the collision, which does not change his finishing position of 11th. Gasly came in 13th.

The stewards deemed Stroll was “wholly to blame” for the collision with Gasly which occured at turn eight while rain was falling late in the race. Stroll had already gone off the track and hit Gasly after rejoining the circuit.

“Although noting the evidence of the driver of car 18 [Stroll] that the conditions were extremely slippery especially as he was on old hard tyres, the stewards determined that it was still the responsibility of the driver to ensure that having left the track due to those very same conditions, he drove appropriately taking them into account when he rejoined and turned into the next corner, considering there were two other cars in close proximity,” the stewards ruled.

Stroll’s penalty leaves him four points away from an automatic ban. He will next lose penalty points from his licences on October 25th, the day after the United States Grand Prix, when two points are deducted.

He has collected three of his penalty points this year. These are two for colliding with Charles Leclerc at the Hungarian Grand Prix and one for passing Gasly off-track at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. He also also been given a formal warning and a non-driving reprimand for other incidents.

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2021 Russian Grand Prix

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13 comments on “Stroll reaches eight penalty points after Gasly clash”

  1. Surprised the Vettel incident wasn’t even noted.

    1. Ya, I guess if it was against a different team the other team would have complained to the stewards

    2. He hit Vettel twice. That was really poor.

    3. …for the second race in a row. In Monza he pushed Vettel off the track in the first Lesmo (and basically ruined his race). This one didn’t affect the team result, but I’d be surprised if the team has let him off scot-free. Even if his dad owns it.

  2. I initially thought Gasly spun on his own, but not after all.
    The situation with Seb was more questionable. Two times in as many races.

    1. Surely a mistake. One of the most gifted drivers in modern F1 would never do this.

  3. It’s so weird to not penalize clashes with team mates. Are these penalties, especially the points, not for safety?

    And if not, why do they exist at all?

    1. Yeah, it feels rather old fashioned that it matters whether a team complains/reports an incident or not doesn’t it @sjaakfoo, if it is indeed ultimately about safety as the FIA claims, that shouldn’t be the case especially for dangerous things like Stroll’s move on Vettel.

  4. Buffy Frobisher
    27th September 2021, 8:34

    It’s a shame the privileged get to take up a valuable seat because Daddy owns the team. There are plenty of more-talented young drivers who deserve a run in F1 and would benefit from Seb’s experience. Stroll needs a year or two back in F2 with the stars of tomorrow to grow up and see if he actually has what it takes….IMHO

  5. Honestly, what is Stroll doing?

  6. The time penalty’s are not effective. Same with the penalty points. Nobody got a race ban as long as this system is in place. F1 should look into this system and make it more effective. If you ask me they should go back to Stop and GO penalty’s or demote a driver after the race or in extreme cases a DSQ

  7. Honestly, What is FiA doing ? they should have given more penalty points for trying to push vettel in the wall.

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