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F1 expects Brazil GP freight delay will not affect race

2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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[raceweekendpromotion]This weekend’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Brazil is expected to go ahead as planned despite a delay in transporting teams’ freight from last weekend’s round in Mexico.

Poor weather in Mexico on Monday delayed Shipments of Formula 1 hardware heading from Mexico City to the Interlagos circuit. As a result some items will not arrive at the track until Thursday.

RaceFans understands all teams have been affected by the disruption to a similar degree. The delayed freight includes essential items related to the running of the race weekend.

It is expected to arrive at the circuit on Thursday, the day before the first practice session of the weekend begins, leaving sufficient time to complete preparations for the event.

“There were delays in freight departing Mexico on Monday due to the weather conditions, meaning some freight is still to arrive in Brazil,” an F1 spokesperson told RaceFans. “We expect this to arrive tomorrow with no wider impact on the race weekend.”

The Sao Paulo Grand Prix is the second of three races on consecutive weekends. Following Sunday’s race F1 and its teams will travel to Qatar in the Middle East, 12,000 kilometres away, for the next round of the world championship.

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14 comments on “F1 expects Brazil GP freight delay will not affect race”

  1. But don’t Mexico & Brazil usually use different freights, or have they always shared? I know some events have tended to share on ‘normal’ seasons, but I’m not entirely sure about everything on the sea freight logistics schedule.

    1. As far as sea freight is concerned, Mexico and Brazil most certainly use different sets of equipment, both having shipped out months ago. (I think in previous years teams had several sets of sea freight travelling the world simultaneously, some going from an early-season Asian/Oceanian round to a later fly-away event without making it back to home base. Not sure how the past two seasons’ calendar fluidity has affected previously well-laid-out logistics plans.)

      This is purely about the airfreight items (cars, spares, whatever equipment teams fit into their airfreight allowance) that were apparently delayed by weather and will now have to readied for the weekend on Thursday.

    2. F1 freight is moved on widebodies, usually 6 or 7 B747, for most of the non-european transfers

  2. Most people thought the locations within this triple header weren’t properly thought out and that seems to be the case

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      10th November 2021, 21:18

      Whilst that may be true, I don’t think a double header featuring Mexico and Brazil would have raised too many eyebrows and that’s where things have gone wrong.

    2. +1000 for Qatar. Ridiculous to pretend to be climate positive when you need to send an entire team and parts from South America to Middle East in a week.

      1. @nanotech Keeping the previously scheduled USA-Mexico-Brazil triple & placing Qatar on the weekend before SA was an option & would’ve been even if Brazil stayed on UK’s Red List, but this alternative option got chosen anyway.
        @djarvis @petebaldwin
        Overall, I share the same views with all three of you, though.

      2. The time frame is largely irrelevant to the carbon put into the atmosphere by the travelling schedule. In fact, one might argue that it would increase pollution to bring the air freight back to home base first, then ship it to the Middle East.

        1. Oh my God will you chicken littles stop with the climate crap here? Every story has you lefties bemoaning emissions or other garbage. Enough!

          1. You, my friend, would benefit from spending the time it took you to assemble your nonsense reply on reading the comment you were apparently triggered by.

  3. The break between the Austin & Mexico City races (when they ran back-to-back previously) probably hasn’t helped matters

    1. Yeah Austin and Mexico could have been back to back, then a week off to Brazil. Then a week off to Middle east for a 4 week consecutive race. I know it would be hectic, but atleast these races are close to each other.

    2. @Simon Fortunately, them not running on consecutive weekends was always only going to be a one-off thing rather than become a norm.

      1. I’m fully aware the one-week break between Austin and Mexico was for this year only (possibly)

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