Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2021

Jeddah is another “crazy track” like Baku – Ocon

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In the round-up: Esteban Ocon is eager for his first experience of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which he predicts will be similar to Azerbaijan’s Baku course.

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Ocon excited by Jeddah track

Ocon said he is excited by the new Jeddah track after driving it in Alpine’s simulator. “I like these kind of crazy tracks – like Baku for example,” he said. “It pushes everything to the limit, and I think that will be fun.”

He predicted the 6.1 kilometre layout, which is expected to yield among the highest average lap speeds of the season, will be physically demanding for drivers.

“The circuit looks quite demanding as it’s a fast street track with the walls close all the time. It’s extremely high speed with a lot of chicanes and fast corners one after the other with little room for rest.

With so many corners, it presents a challenge for the engineers to work out how best to set up the car with so many demands. It’s a long lap too, so I think it’s going to be very physical for us, and it’s important we stay focused.”

Another random technical check for Verstappen

The FIA performed extra physical inspections on Max Verstappen’s Red Bull car at the Qatar Grand Prix. It was chosen at random after he finished the race in second place behind Lewis Hamilton.⠀

The rear inboard suspension components, associated sensors, wiring looms and connections to the SECU and other units were checked and found to be compliant with the rules.⠀

The new physical inspections were introduced to the rules earlier this year and have taken place at every round since on different cars.⠀Verstappen’s car has now been inspected in this manner three times during the season, including after his victories at the Netherlands and Monaco.

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Comment of the day

Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2021
Jeddah offers high speeds and little room for error
@Macademianut has safety concerns over Jeddah’s new circuit:

Given that there has not been any good view of the circuit itself in a completed form until today; and we are going to see it only on Friday, it does concern me in terms of safety. It’s quite a high-speed circuit with no wiggle room in a lot of places, which forces you to go single file. The winner of this circuit is more in terms of who can run the engine at that level and keep the concentration for a long time; rather than actual wheel to wheel action.

I wonder how they will deal with blue flags in such a circuit at these speeds! For all the safety that F1 talks about, the way they have included this circuit in the calendar gives me a pause.

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15 comments on “Jeddah is another “crazy track” like Baku – Ocon”

  1. Jeddah circuit!
    Zero track limit’s “problems”!

    1. @wildbiker From my driving experience on F1 2021, some places could have those issues.
      T10 exit, 16-17 runoff akin to Montreal’s 8-9, possibly also 2, 4, 7, & 8 exits.
      None of these, except 2, would be an issue if the curbs were closer to the barrier & or wall, though.

    2. Zero track limit enforcement needed? Awesome!!!! Keep it on the black stuff boys!

  2. Verstappen gets 3 random technical inspections and how many checks did they do on Lewis’s car? 0 I believe…

    1. @w0o0dy do you have a source for Hamilton not being inspected? Or are you just using this to fuel an anti-verstappen conspiracy theory with no evidence?

    2. I think Lewis had 2 as they don’t check 1 car each race… But maybe @keithcollantine could check this out.

      1. It seems to be more cars (plural) per round.

        The new physical inspections () have taken place at every round () on different cars.

        But why do people get upset when a car gets checked to be compliant?

      2. @w0o0dy @macleod None. You can check these things here:
        Hungarian, Dutch, & Qatar GPs don’t have that post, though.
        His car got possibly chosen in Silverstone, Spa, or Interlagos.

        1. Thank you for the link! I have to check the files for a while…

    3. OMG… the evil FIA!!
      Now we have proof that they´re really trying to give Lewis this championship.
      Thank you for find out.

    4. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
      2nd December 2021, 13:22

      Isn’t that what random means?

      What about the other 19 cars? Did you look up all the other just make sure?

      I would expect top point scorers to be scrutinised more often.

  3. I’m also excited about this weekend’s circuit, although I’m not worried about safety like the COTD.

    Of course, no Sprint for Melbourne. Did anyone really think Albert Park would get chosen?

  4. Can we assume that Verstappen’s car won’t be checked again at Jeddah? So that keeps Mercedes or 3rd place (Ferrari or McLaren) on their toes…
    Anyway, Mercedes gains seem to be a sum of parts: a tenth from that rear suspension, a tenth from the flexible low wing, a tenth from that new engine and so on. Removing one of them does not immediately looses you 4 tenths.
    It’s RedBull that needs to find a couple of tenths. It won’t come from Honda or Verstappen, since they are all in already. It has to come from Newey.

    1. Don’t forget 4 tens for a scratched rear wing.

      1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
        2nd December 2021, 13:24

        Maybe let the tyres down a bit for more traction?

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